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Today's Egypt has a wealth of modern coastal resorts that are among the best in the world. The Red Sea playgrounds of Sharm El Sheikh and Hurghada attract everyone from sun-worshippers to divers from all over the world. Discover best of Egypt with our Egypt travel guide providing tourism and travel information, places to see, things to do, hotels, tourist attractions, history and culture.

Timeless Egypt requires no introduction. As everyone knows this is the land of the world's first great civilization. And as anyone who has been there also knows, the pyramids, as far as archeology goes, are just the tip of the iceberg. Ancient Greeks, ancient Romans, Christians, Arab dynasties—all of them have played a part in Egypt's archeological and architectural treasures.

Although Egypt is one of Africa's more politically stable nations, it's not without its conflicts. Thirty-plus years of authoritarian government, religious turmoil and a precarious economy all add to sporadic social unrest. Yet the people are hardy, not to mention welcoming to the visitors for the most part, and always proud and eager to talk about their famously storied history.

Most Egyptians live along the fertile banks of the Nile, while the majority of the land—the dry Sahara—is virtually empty of settlements. Only a few oases in the sea of the desert feed little patches of green. Yet it's fascinating land to explore, dotted with medieval fortresses, gurgling springs and weirdly shaped rock formations you might think are mirages. To the east are the deep and clear waters of the famous Red Sea, teeming with coral and vibrant underwater sea life. The Sinai Peninsula is desert and here you can climb the mountain where God is said to have spoken to Moses. Further along the peninsula you'll find Dahab on the coast, a backpacker's refreshing and fun hang-out.

The center of Cairo still retains its medieval core, practically unchanged in all the years since the beginning of Islam. Cairo is a din of constant clamor, traffic jams, a shroud of smog and a nonstop call of hawkers selling their wares. Yet stay a while and you'll find the city pulls you in. Its citizens call is Mother of the World and you'll find out why. Meander through to the Islamic quarter and you'll feel as if you've walked back in time a thousand years. Head west to Giza and its pyramids and travel back in time even further, a full four thousand years. And don't miss Cairo's central museum, stacked full with priceless artifacts of ancient Egypt. With all this time in the past, don't forget to stop for some shai in a shai stall (their version of tea, only very very sweet.)

Between the pyramids of Giza and Saqqara are the pyramids of Abu Sir, dating from the Fifth Dynasty (approximately 2400 BC). For many years, few people visited these pyramids, and even today, although they are now officially open, they're still the poor cousin of the older and larger pyramids of Giza. But in this lies their charm. Without tourists crawling over the area like ants, you might have the place to yourself. Imagine: nothing out there but ancient pyramids, ghosts, sand dunes. What could be more cool than that? Visiting Egypt is traveling in time.

For fascinating reading on Egypt and its history, read "Ancient Egypt" by David Silverman.

Red Sea, Egypt

Sharm El Sheikh, EgyptSharm El Sheikh's main attraction is its beach at Naa'ma Bay. The market place of Sharm is also worth a visit and don't forget to go on a cruise to Ras Muhammad where you can enjoy scuba diving. Hurghada has become the foremost tourist resort of the Red Sea coast being an international centre for aquatic sports. Day trips to explore the mountains by camel or jeep are also available.

Northern Egypt

Pyramids at GizaCairo overwhelms the senses with its non-stop hustle and bustle, souks and bazaars. The great Pyramids at Giza are on the western edge of the city but don't restrict yourself to Cairo. Fayed is known for palm-fringed beaches and fabulous sunshine. Another delight on the Sinai coast is Nuweiba - a superb location for diving or safaris that let you explore this ancient land more fully.

Southern Egypt

Feluccas on Nile River, EgyptAswan - with its world-famous dam - is an excellent place to experience the majesty of the Nile. Boats - known as feluccas - still sail peacefully up and down the river, just as they have done for thousands of years.

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