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The last Egyptian treasure, Alexandria is one of the chosen destinations of Egypt, for its combination of ancient and modern monuments, and beautiful beaches on the Mediterranean. The history of this nation is far from its beginnings until its recent milestones, and merges with the present of the local inhabitants, who are part of the colorful view of the city giving life to Egypt today. The coast of Alexandria, the favorite spot for the Egyptians to spend the holidays, is a composite of beaches and a promenade leading to the fortress of Quaitbay, a magical place of amazing architecture.

Few cities boast famous founder. Alexander the Great drew the plans of a city that he never came to see, which gave rise to a city that lives immersed in the myth since then. Here arose the library and the light house, light of Antiquity under the Ptolemies Alexandria. Many centuries later, a generation of writers would give literary luster to a cosmopolitan city.

Today, one of the joys of a travel to Alexandria is dreaming of the past while looking for its tracks of footprints in the city. Cleopatra Palaces have been discovered under water, and it is possible to pursue the shadow of the characters in The Alexandria Quartet by Durrell and the Poems of Cavafy. But above all, Alexandria is a bustling market town in which there are hardly any traces of franchises or chains. And something almost impossible to find: a city in itself, where you can spend the days in the cafes, traveling by tram or eating fish near the sea. But Alexandria is also the largest port in the country and its capital in the summer, when the government moves to escape from the heat of Cairo. The new library is the proof that you can move your feet firmly in history.

Wandering the streets of Alexandria, you will discover flavors and places from another era.

Because of the absence of monuments that becomes inexcusable visit, yet Alexandria is a perfect city to wander about. The main squares in Alexandria (Orabi and Midan saad zaghloul) leave the ways of our exploration. Sharia Salah Salem is trading street of another era, where you can still glimpse businesses lost in other cities, and a good place to find antiques and jewellery. Here are the traces of the cosmopolitan Alexandria, with the synagogue, Coptic Orthodox and Anglican Catholic cathedrals, in addition the Attarine Mosque and the famous pastry shops Pastroudis, Athineos, Delices and Trianon (Sa'ad Zaghloul).

Alexandria is a fascinating city for lovers of literature. Go to No. 4 on the street Sharm el-Sheikh (formerly rue Lepsius) to worship at Cavafy’s famous house - transformation into a museum. Durrell's followers have the whole city to follow in his footsteps.

The New Library of Alexandria has not been officially opened, but you can visit for free in the mornings. For the latest information: www.unesco.org

Catacombs and museums: Always it is stated that in Alexandria there are no remains of the classical era, but it is a half-truth. They remain some, but are scattered throughout the city, and are easy to find. The most interesting are the Catacombs of Kom el-Shuqafa with Pharaonic and Roman elements. About 500 m is the Column of Pompey.

Some argue that this was the famous Library, but no conclusive evidence of that. The place to bring order to the all the past of Alexandria is the Graeco-Roman Museum with Egypt's best collection of this era.

Situated on the shores of the Mediterranean is the Corniche of Alexandria, the space in which to stroll outdoors. There is a nice route (takes just over 30 minutes) from the square of Sa'ad Zaghloul until the Qait Bey. You can also go in the same buggy to Corniche or tram (No 15) by a parallel street. The road runs through the neighborhood of Anfushi, Alexandria, with its mosques and street life.

If you make a stop on the road, it must be in the al-Mursi Mosque. Directly opposite, in some arcades, cafes invite you to a stop. Then visit the Fort Qaitbey, built on the site of the old Pharos of Alexandria, which occupies the same place of the old lighthouse. A legendary place from which you can have a fabulous view of the city.

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