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Founded in the early twentieth century, Hurghada attracts many tourists. This is the the most popular seaside resort on the Red Sea. Hurghada is also known as Ghardaga in Egypt. Located south of the mouth of the Gulf of Suez, is a former fishing village that has become, in a few years, the second destination in Egypt. It is a dream resort bordering the waters of the Red Sea and is surrounded by numerous islands more beautiful than the others. The small picturesque town with its bazaars, mosques, unusual atmosphere and its intoxicating scents contributed to the reputation of Hurghada.

The exotic landscapes are really beautiful; it is strongly advised to make excursions on camels in the mountains, in the middle of large sand dunes of the desert. The scuba diving is also a must since the Red Sea is known for the clarity and richness of its waters. The coast of Hurghada offers vast stretches of white sand, turquoise crystal waters, wildlife and prodigious aquatic waters. Fish and coral abound. The numerous boats allow spectacular wrecks divings.

Also known for its thriving nightlife, Hed Kandi Beach Bar and the disco club "Ministry of Sound Red Sea - Egypt" are the hottest places to party on 6 days of 7. For shopping the new “Hurghada Marina Boulevard” hosts more than 80 shops, 15 restaurants and 7 bars.

With over 20 km of hotels along the beach, Hurghada has something to suit all budgets. Hotels 1 to 5 stars, guest room, guest houses, rental bungalows, holiday homes. Prices are a little more in this paradise of tourism than in the rest of Egypt, it costs about 25 euros per night in a hotel room with 2 stars. The hotel staff and local people are extremely friendly, all the conditions are right for you to have the exotic dream vacation in Hurghada in Egypt.

Tourism activities are not lacking in Hurghada, visit the museum and the aquarium houses of many marine species of the Red Sea, trekking, scuba diving in bottles or snorkeling, jet skiing, windsurfing, surfing, sailing, fishing at sea, water skiing, golf and tennis.

Throughout the year Hurghada enjoys a desert climate with regular hot, dry breezes. Summers are hot and winters mild with temperatures oscillating between 20 and 25 degrees. It's really a good time especially around Christmas.

The neighbor islands are really to see equally: The ideal places for the beach, swimming and sunbathing are: Shadwan Island, the island Shibani Abu Shaab, the island Dishet el-Dhaba, the island Abu Shaab Hashish, the island Sharm el-Arab, Abu Minqar Island and a real pearl, the island Mamhya.

For fishing and scuba diving in bottles or apnea the most notable are: Shadwan Island, the island Sha'ab El Erg, the island Shasb Saghir Umm Gammae, Umm Gammar Island, Carless (Careless) Reef, the island Shaab Abu Hashish, Abu Ramada Island and finally the island Sharm el-Arab.

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