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Wholeheartedly, as it will you. Its forests teem with critters, Gambia's cities with bustling colour, and the freedom of folk art and shriek of the wild add more depth than most beach destinations can dream of.

Selflessly sharing its golden beaches, on sunshine and sub-Saharan fascination, Gambia is Africa proper. There is a warm welcome in store for every visitor - the locals certainly make this place special. Folkloric performances are full of the energy, creativity and tradition of the country's many market there is such a hefty array of local produce that you can almost hear the stalls groaning.

An adventurous spirit will help you get the most out of your visit, but if you just want to relax on an uncrowded beach, take a look round a craft market and retire to your comfy hotel, that is fine by us, too. After all, even when you are unwinding by the pool you will be surrounded by the sounds of Africa with multi-hued birds sitting up in the trees. You will spot plenty more wildlife if you can tear yourself away, though. Monkeys, deer and crocodiles shelter in Abuko Nature Reserve (it is ridiculously easy to get to from the coast), and Out of Africa types like to get all intrepid at the national parks.

The main beach resot of the Gambia are located on the northern coastline in an area known as the Kombo district, stretching west along the Atlantic for 10km from Banjul.

Cape Point

With just a few shops and a supermarket Cape Point sweeps round in a bay to Oyster Creek. Its quiet beach has soft white sand and many palm trees, and although the water here is shallow, making it good for paddling, towards the Point cross-tides and strong currents make this area unsuitable for swimming. Just 1km south of Cape Point is Bakau, a mainly working beach with numerous colourful fishing boats and a regular craft market.

Kotu Beach / Kololi Beach

The Atlantic coast resorts of Kotu and Kololi are the main tourist resorts of the Gambia. Kotu Beach is a small village with a traditional craft centre and a long stretch of beach with many restaurants and fruit stalls, backed by gently swaying palm trees. It's always wise to check for a lifeguard's flag before going for a dip here as strong undercurrents can make swimming slightly dangerous. Kololi Beach is larger and wider than Kotu and comes to life in the evening, thanks to its good selection of bars and restaurants.


Found to the south of Kololi, Bijilo is the newest resort in Gambia and as a result is much quieter than main tourist resorts. Here you can walk for miles along fairly uninterrupted beach, fringed with palm and coconut trees with an assortment of wildlife. It offers visitors a perfect mix of seclusion and privacy in a laid-back beach environment.

Favourite Excursions

Gambian Sights & Sounds:
All local life is here - markets, the capital city (Banjul), Children's SOS Village, a brewery and Katchikally crocodile pool easily fill half a day.

South Gambia Adventure:
Following the call of the wild right into the bush, 4-wheel drive Swiss army trucks take you deep into rural Gambia.

Champagne Creek:
Mangrove creeks set the scene, a traditional wooden pirogue provides the transport, and you get to relax in paradise. Bliss.

Makasutu Magic:
Eco-tour heaven: follow the nature trail through wildlife-laden forest, glide along creeks in traditional wooden canoes, and delight in tribal dances.

Rural Gambia Experience:
Get the core of what makes Gambia tick when you meet with the head of a beekeepers' compound, tour a progressive 'Gambia is Good' project and taste a traditional meal.

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