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Many have called Kenya a microcosm of Africa since it contains the best of what the continent has to offer: long white sandy beaches and coral reefs, rolling grassland, lush tropical rainforests, incredible wildlife, deserts, mountains, and fascinating tribal life. Just about any scene of Kenya seems to be out of a painting.

Thousands of travelers come to the country every year for the Kenya wildlife safaris. Tsavo National Park is one of the best places in all of Africa to spot elephants, lions, leopards and wildebeest. Natural World Mombasa Safaris enable to see a large area in the country. If you would like to explore Western Kenya then Ombretta Tours & Safaris is one of the best options. Kenya is the country for memorable African safaris. The country is also world famous for bird watching. Of course there's also the trekking, with adventurists trekking up the glaciers of Mount Kenya. And then there are those who take hot air balloon rides over Masai Mara, or those who snorkel over vibrant coral reefs at Marine National Park on the Indian Ocean in Malindi. The difficulty about Kenya is deciding just where to begin.

The first Europeans to explore what is present-day Kenya were the Portuguese, specifically the explorer Vasco da Gama in 1498, and Portugal would go on to rule parts of East Africa, mainly the coastal areas for centuries, but it wasn't until 1888 that Kenya's real colonial history began with the Imperial British East Africa Company and their building of the Kenya-Uganda railway. During the construction of the railway, the British brought in Indians who made up the majority of the manpower. The region that is today Kenya was named the British East African Protectorate until 1920 when it became Kenya Colony, after Mount Kenya. The country finally got its independence in 1963. November 4th is now a public holiday in Kenya to celebrate Barack Obama's election as president of the United States. Obama's father was Kenyan.

Nairobi, Kenya's largest city, suffers from a bad rep and is avoided as much as possible by most tourists, but it does offer the only place in Kenya where you can find something other than the mainstay staples and enjoy a varied diet, and also enjoy cafes, clubs and some very interesting nightclubs.

Lake Nakuru National Park is the best place to see white rhinos and leopards, but the most well-known attraction is its thousands of flamingos that circle the lake, bright pink long-necked creatures that are extremely social, not to mention noisy. Camping is available at the park.

Hell's Gate is the only park in the country where you can cycle or walk unguided wherever you like. The scenery is unmatched with gorges, daunting cliffs, leopards and lurking lions. There's even a rock climbing site at Fischer's Tower at the eastern entrance to the park.

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