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Main city and capital of Libya on the northwest coast, Tripoli is situated 200 km from the border with Tunisia. Tripoli is an important port city and also has an international airport. The city was founded by the Phoenicians and developed by the Romans as one of the three main cities of the province (with Leptis Magna and Sabrahta), but there are few remnants of old, with the exception of the Arch of Marcus Aurelius in the ancient city, which is carries a Moorish character. The castle in the Spanish port dating from the sixteenth century, and houses a museum that covers prehistory, archeology, anthropology, ancient carved inscriptions and natural history. The ancient city has many narrow alleys and “souks” (markets) for weavers, artisans working in the copper and gold and leather goods manufacturers. There are several mosques that contain rich artistic treasures and some beautiful gardens of the eighteenth century. The modern city owes much to the architecture of the Italian period and has an elegant promenade and avenues lined with eucalyptus trees. It was bombed heavily during the Second World War, but has expanded massively since the 1969 revolution. Its population is 620,000.

Tripoli was formerly a very important trade in gold, ivory, precious stones, fabrics. Currently the city is divided into 4 districts: the Medina, the museum, the Italian neighborhood and the modern city.

The Libyan capital Tripoli is one of the largest cities in the country and is the main financial and cultural center. It is a cosmopolitan city where the traveler will find colonial buildings of the typical colonization era and religious buildings such as mosques of Muslim influence and walls that give a medieval appearance. The most excellent buildings are the most prominent mosques, the Mosque Gurgi, but also stand the Arc de Marco Aurelio, the Green Square, where the Karamanli mosque, one of most important mosques in the city of Tripoli.

The city also houses the Cathedral of Italian influence and the Royal Palace. But undoubtedly the emblematic building of the city is the Red Castle or Asal al-Hamra, located high in the city and where the Jamahiriya Museum, a place of high cultural value and tourism in Tripoli. It is built in consultation with UNESCO. It is an art collection comprised of high quality statues, mosaics and antiques.

At the heart of the capital is the entertainment and shopping center, Medina - Old Town of Tripoli (Al Médina). It would also be interesting to visit the zoo in the city and the nearby beaches.

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