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Flic-en Flac Beach - MauritiusRoughly 600 mls to the east of Madagascar lies a real pearl in the Indian Ocean: for many, and certainly for those who have already visited, Mauritius is the epitome of a paradisiacal island.

Picture-perfect palm tree-lined beaches beside the turquoise-blue sea in which coral reefs grow, secluded mountainous areas and the friendly face of the multicultural cities make Mauritius one of the most popular holiday destinations in the Indian Ocean. The Republic of Mauritius has been an independent member of the British Commonwealth since 1968. The country consists of the main island with the capital Port Louis, the eastern neighbouring island of Rodriguez and several smaller islands that lie further north. It has the various cultural influences from colonial times to thank for its diverse, colourful appearance: although Mauritius became a British colony in 1814 and English remains the official language today, the islands were occupied by the French for almost 200 years prior to that and it is they who have left the most lasting impression. The majority of the inhabitants speak Creole, which was originally a type of islander's dialect of French. Most of the names of streets and towns boast French origins. On Mauritius, the great religions of the world such as Hinduism, Christianity, Islam and Buddhism co-exist amicably. Tolerance and cordiality are highly valued here; the people and nature welcome visitors with a smile.

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