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Agadir, a city of 600 000 inhabitants, is known to be the closest resort to Europe. The exceptional site of the city includes a beautiful bay, the sunniest of the world. Its 20 miles of beach gladden thousands of tourists all year, even in winters. The City with the European excellence, Agadir is equipped with the largest hotel park of the country.

Located between the peaks of the High Atlas, Souss Region is extremely fertile, called "orchard of Morocco." With its market garden and fruit cultures as far as the eye can see, the Souss has led the main international port of Agadir. No wonder the city has long been nicknamed "the port of Souss” and is now the largest port in Morocco after Casablanca.

Destroyed almost entirely by an earthquake in February 1960, Agadir was rebuilt as a modern urbanization. You understand that you don’t go to Agadir to discover a traditional Moroccan city, but rather to enjoy the beach and excursions in the region, including in the Souss Masa National Park, also spelled Souss Massa National Park, which also make Agadir an important birdwatching holiday destination.

Probably founded by the Berbers, Agadir immediately attracts sailors along its coast. Sheltered bay of the winds, fertile land and fresh water source (the "Founty"), Agadir has everything you need. In 1505 the Portuguese established a trading post and build a port.

In 1541, Sultan Mohammed Sheikh Saadian, concerned by the strategic position of Agadir to control the "gold road", seized the city. In the seventeenth century, Agadir is controlled by the Berbers. The port trade is strongly growing to a prosperous city.

In 1760, the Alawite sultan Sidi Mohammed ben Abdallah is jealous of this port that trade with Europe. He built the port of Essaouira a hundred miles north to divert the European trade. It is a blow to Agadir and the city becomes deserted little by little. In the early twentieth century, the population of Agadir is less than 1000.

The first half of the twentieth century saw the return of Agadir on the economic scene. Agriculture and fishing allowed the city to build a major port. The canning factories are built and Agadir became the 1st sardine port in the world. This business has never ceased, and today, Agadir remains the 1st fishing port in the country.

Unfortunately, on 29 February 1960, at with 23:47, the city has been ravaged by a terrible earthquake which caused 15 000 dead. Almost all the homes destroyed in seconds. The whole country is very moved and the reconstruction of Agadir became a national challenge. Two years later, the city rises from the ashes ... respecting the anti-seismic standards.

Today, Agadir is an important economic center, with its port. Second tourist city of Morocco after Marrakesh, the city is known for its beautiful seaside resort.

The city is renowned for its quality hotels, its restaurants and its sports facilities. Many activities (jet skiing, diving, fishing, sailing, tennis, golf, horseback riding, dance ...) are proposed. In summary, Agadir delight all holidaymakers in search of relaxation.

However, all tourists will not be satisfied from the beach and sun. Some would like to discover a traditional face of Morocco.

As the city was destroyed in 1960 by a devastating earthquake, the old Agadir no longer exists. The only vestiges of the past of the city, you will find at the museum or in the ruins of the Kasbah. Note the presence of a site, the new town of Agadir, built as a tribute to the Moroccan and which incorporates the features of a traditional medina. Apart from these two examples, Agadir is lacking in true traditional monuments. The modern city is still worth visiting, especially the Museum of Berber culture.

At the same time, Agadir is also the perfect stop before taking trips to the hinterland, the Souss Masa National Park, the Anti Atlas and the Sahara. Here you can discover a different side than the modern Morocco.

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