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It's hard to imagine a more diverse country than South Africa, with everything from hippos bathing in the Limpopo River, to the deserted Kalahari, to the famous landmark of Table Mountain, to the savannah of Kruger National Park, to the lushly green Cape town, to penguins wobbling on the Cape. South Africa even has wetlands containing five ecosystems, allowing for both dolphins and zebras. Places to visit in South Africa are endless.

There's also the culture. It's impossible for anyone visiting not to notice that the country, years after the abolition of apartheid, is still deeply racist. This is despite the fact that there's a rising middle class of blacks (known as 'black diamonds.) The blacks are still facing problems of inequity, and HIV and AIDS continue to plague many poor townships.

South Africans are eagerly anticipating the 2010 World Cup which is to be held there. Most of them think that hosting soccer's greatest tournament will be as proud an honor for the country as its past rugby triumphs in the World Cup.

Visit South Africa and discover unique things to do and many tourist attractions to choose from. Kruger National Park is the same size as Israel and with its open savannah, bluffs, and raging rivers, not to mention its plethora of leopards, lions, elephants, water buffalos, cheetahs, hippos, giraffes and buffaloes, it's easy to see why this is the major tourist attraction of the country. It's easy to travel here for an hour or so anyway without seeing another vehicle, provided you avoid holidays and weekends, and also stay in the northern part of the park. The park has a huge network of paved roads, along with four wheel drive tracks, hiking trails and mountain bike trails. The most popular part of the park is Southern Kruger because it has the highest concentrations of animals and also the best access. It's the far north of the park, however, that's the most memorable though, because the bush is so wild and remote.

Some of South Africa's most compelling landscape lies in the green and jagged Drakensberg region, aka The Berg. These are a series of table-top peaks forming the boundary between the mountainous kingdom of Lesotho and South Africa. This huge 245,000 hectare range of mountains are tourist-board-poster South Africa all over. The main feature of central Drakensberg is Giant's Castle Game Reserve. North of here is Cathedral Peak wilderness, with many small towns dotting the region.

In the very south of the country, iconic Table Top Mountain demands attention. Located right in Cape Town, it is covered in unique and rare flora and is worth the hike to the top.

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