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When people think of Africa's most iconic images they often think—whether they realize it or not—of places in Tanzania: the mountain of Kilimanjaro, the island of Zanzibar, the desert of the Serengeti, and the crater of Ngorongoro. All of these world wonders are located in dazzling Tanzania and that's not all the country offers. Gombe and Mahale are the best places in the world to see chimpanzees. Katavi and Ruaha are where serious safari hunters go. Ujiji, Tabora and Bagamoyo are all outposts from the caravan routes of the 19th century when explorers were trying to find the heart of the continent. Selous is the largest protected region in all of Africa. And don't forget all the bustling towns and villages along the coast of Lake Tanganyika. In Tanzania you can go within just a few hours from remote sparkling beaches to ancient Swahili ruins, from trekking in the Southern Highlands to climbing through the ghostly haunts of Ol Doinyo Lengai being led by a Maasai warrior.

There's a reason why many people call Tanzania the best and easier place to travel in Africa. Along with all its many attractions, the country is easy-going and peaceful, blissfully untouched by so many of the tribal rivalries plaguing other African nations. Travelling Tanzania is a great adventure with so many safaris and tours.

Ngorongoro remains one of central Africa's most popular attractions. Along with its exceptional abundance of wildlife, the crater, at twenty kilometers wide, is one of the largest in the world. Within the crater you are likely to see elephants, flamingos, buffalo and lions, to name a few. There's even a possibly you'll see the famed black rhino. You're also likely to see local Maasai who have grazing rights here.

With its crystal white sands and aquamarine waters, Zanzibar is entirely otherworldly and exotic. The ferry from the mainland takes two hours but it's such an invigorating journey you'll hardly notice. Once you arrive you'll find yourself meandering through cobbled alleys, shops selling handicrafts and spices, kids playing soccer, women and men in traditional garb, chatting and staying out of the afternoon sun. You'll notice how friendly and welcoming they are immediately. Time seems to cease as island rhythms float you away.

Most visitors to Tanzania stay in the north where all the safari parks are, or go to Zanzibar. On the island and in the country's north you'll find paved roads, hotels, restaurants, and the general infrastructure needed for comfortable travel. For the more adventurous travel, head to the country's south and west where you'll be well of the trodden path and far removed from creature comforts.

Make sure that wherever you go, you get to know the lovely Tanzanian people, so full of warmth, dignity and beauty that they themselves, rather than the myriad attractions, will undoubtedly end up being the highlight of your trip.

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