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Are you tired of your busy routine life and want to escape into nature's avenues for a lazy nap? Does the historian inside you peck you to discover the myriad realms of the past? And above all...are you a serious wine-lover? If your answer is in the affirmative, then the best tourist destination which promises to offer you all these things is Armenia.

Armenia is a small country located in the east zone of the Armenian plateau and is surrounded by Azerbaijan and Georgia on the north, Turkey in the west and Iran to its south. Owing to its strategic location between Europe and Asia, Armenia has a rich culture with a beautiful blend of the western and Eastern traditions. Yerevan is the capital of Armenia, which is connected to major cities abroad through airways. Air travel is the most convenient mode of reaching Armenia for tourists since the Zvartnots International Airport is located at a mere distance of 12 km from Yerevan and it offers world-class facility. Passengers need to shell out a mere $42 to avail VIP services at the airport.

Armenia greets you warmly with its many natural beauties and astonishing historical places of interest. The beautiful snow-capped mountains with natural caves in south-eastern Armenia are a treat for every visitor. The Lake Sevan water resort and the hot water springs of Jermuk and Arzni are top on the list of favourite tourist hotspots. A trip to the forests of Gugark, Dilijan and others offer a close view of wildlife and is a thrilling experience for tourists. Bird watching is another delightful experience for people visiting Armenia, with more than 340 species of birds found over here, among which the Persian Wheatear, the Armenian Gull and the Caspian Snowcock are the most beautiful and rare ones. Tourists can also enjoy the adventures of hiking and mountain climbing as a part of the tour.

Armenia is known to be one of the oldest nations in the world. It is chiefly a Christian country and the roots of Christianity are as deep and old as the Biblical records. The capital city of Yerevan boasts of being the place where Noah's Ark landed after escaping the flood, as mentioned in the Holy Bible. This city lies at the foothills of Mount Ararat and has many interesting places to visit.

The country is renowned for the ancient monasteries and chapels located everywhere. The number of churches and historic monuments is nearly 40,000 but only about 4,000 of them are available to tourists for visiting due to problem of accessibility. Armenia is a hub of archaeological excavations, a few of them dating back to the Stone Age as well. A wine press as old as 6,000 years, a leather shoe older than 5,500 years and the 'Khachkar' (Cross-stone) dating back to the medieval era (10 – 11 AD) are evidences of the ancient saga of Armenia. The latest attraction for tourists nowadays is the cable car which operates between the Tatev monastery and the Vorotan river gorge. This one is 5.7 km long and is the world's longest one, as recorded in the Guinness World Records.

Armenia is a wine-lover's paradise which offers grape wines and exotic brandy (cognac) made from more than 40 species of grapes grown in the Ararat valley and preserved in oak barrels for more than three years. The taste is superb and one-of-it's-kind and certainly the one charm that a traveler can never afford to miss.

The country offers a wide range of cultural programs for visitors. Operas, theatre musical plays, jazz music, art exhibitions and the like are a tourist's delight and everything can be enjoyed at a cheaper rate than the European countries. Shopping in Armenia could be a wonderful experience, having lavish markets laden with antiques, art-pieces and handicrafts. The Armenian cuisine is an affair to remember since you get taste the most exotic herbs and delicious greens over here. The unique blend of spices and herbs fill the atmosphere with splendid aroma and relishes the foodie inside you. 

So go on and give yourself a treat by visiting Armenia...you will definitely return home with a huge bundle of sweet memories.

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