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Azerbaijan – a wonderful country with vast natural resources, innumerable beautiful rivers and lakes, an ancient history, exotic resorts and spas and spectacular places of tourist interest. This country is fast gaining significance in the travel circuit of hardcore travelers who are hell-bent on exploring every beautiful corner of the planet.

Azerbaijan is located at 44 degrees 52' E longitude & 38 degrees 42' N latitude on the border of Europe and Asia. The country shares its border with Russia, Turkey, Iran, Georgia and Armenia on three sides and is flanked by the Caspian Sea to its east. Azerbaijan derives its name from the Turkic word 'Azer' which means fire, owing to the ancient tribe of fire worshippers who resided over here centuries ago. Baku is the capital city while other major cities include Quba, Shemakha, Nachivian, Sheki, Lankaran, Gabala, Ordubad and Ganja.

Azerbaijan promises to offer a great deal of tourism with delightful places of interest like the ancient cities, mosques, huge palaces & fortresses and a large number of mausoleums. The most famous tourist attraction of Azerbaijan is the 'Ateshgeh' – the eternal source of fire. Built on natural gas reservoirs, it was an ancient worshipping place of fire worshippers. This place houses sacred worshipping places like the temple altar, the caravanserais, the cells and the chapels. Earlier, it also included a rectangular area for burning dead bodies in the holy fire. Now this place is filled with stones and the Ateshgahs are open for visitors for viewing since 1975.

Staying in Azerbaijan is a nice retreat for travelers seeking relaxation from the chaos of everyday life. The country is endowed with breath-taking beauty in its mountains, lakes, rivers, hot-water springs and lush green landscapes. The most remarkable tourist hotspots in Azerbaijan include Yanardag (meaning – blazing mountain), hot water springs at Lenkoran, Masali, Nakhichieven, Badabag & Kelbejar, ancient historical buildings (more than 6000), the Khudat-Yalama seashore, the alpine areas of Gusar and Shamakhi' the wildlife reserve at Gizilagach, the ancient cities of Ganjabasar and Shirvan and innumerable resorts and spas which offer therapeutic massage with medicinal mineral oil 'Naftalan'. Nakhchievan in Azerbaijan is the only place in the world where you find this special petroleum reservoir of Naftalan. It is helpful in the treatment of a number of ailments and that is also one reason of the popularity of this country among visitors.

Azerbaijan is a treasure-house of natural beauty. The beautiful mountains of Talysh and Caucasus occupy almost half of the region. There are nearly 1250 rivers and about 1000 natural springs over here. Picturesque lakes in the mountain valleys and the hot water springs add to the beauty of this country. The country is endowed with a rich variety of flora and fauna. The climate of Azerbaijan is generally pleasant since it lies between the temperate and sub-tropical areas. Out of the total eleven climate zones, nine of them exist over here and any time of the year could be right for visiting the country. Reaching this destination is very easy for foreigners since air travel facility is available at the international airport at Baku.

While in Azerbaijan you can relish every bit of your vacation with their authentic national cuisine, alluring places for sight-seeing and of course, don't forget to pamper your body at a spa over here – no doubt, you'll love it.

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