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The largest mangrove forest in the world, the longest seacoast in the world, the largest tea gardens in the world, the highest number of white tigers (The Royal Bengal Tiger), innumerable beautiful mosques, the world's biggest spare-part market and a lot of world heritage sites... whew! What a long list!! You'll be more than amazed to know that we are talking about Bangladesh – a country which is little known on the world tourism map but has enough potential to become a tourist hub very soon.

Bangladesh is located in South Asia at 24 degree N latitude and 90 degree E longitude. It shares its land borders with India and Burma and is adjoined to the Bay of Bengal to its south. Bangladesh was initially a part of India unto the end of the British regime. In 1947, it was separated from India and was declared as East Pakistan and later, in 1972, Bangladesh became independent. The country is broadly divided into six divisions of Dhaka, Chittagong, Rajshahi, Barishal, Sylhet and Khulna. It has the most alluring natural beauty which beckons nature-loving souls to explore the mysterious zones of Bangladesh. The country also has some exceptional architectural marvels like mosques, shrines, historical monuments and so on, dating back to the Moghul era and the British rule.

Dhaka, being the capital city, is well known for its original muslin cloth (also known as 'mal-mal') and is rightly called as the city of mosques since there are more than 1,000 beautiful mosques in the city itself – the most famous ones being the Tara Masjid (Star Mosque) and the Baitul Mukarrama Mosque. In the old part of the city, you'll find the very famous spare-part market which offers a good deal in all kinds of spare parts. The city is well acknowledged with state-of-the-art infrastructure and is the center of industrial, educational, political and cultural activities in the country. The places of interest in Dhaka include the Bangabandhu memorial, Parliament house, Ahsan Manzil, Lalbag fort, Sonargaon and many more.

Next to this comes Chittagong district, well known for its picturesque natural surroundings and a pleasant climate. This place boasts of the world's longest sea-coastline at Cox's Bazaar as well as a grand sea port which aids the trade industry of Bangladesh. You can relish your visit at the Ethnological Museum, Fay's lake, St. Martin's island and a large number of shrines dedicated to Islamic saints over here.

Bangladesh's most prized tourist spot is the 'Sunderbans' – the world's largest mangrove forest, located in the Khulna division. A stay at the Sunderbans is truly an unforgettable experience for an adventurous traveler since it offers a chance to take a close look at nature's wildest avenues and to do some wildlife photography along with the experiences of boating and trekking. It is the home of the white tiger species known as the 'Royal Bengal Tiger' (around 400 tigers), which is on the verge of extinction now. The area also houses the lovely spotted deer (about 30,000 ones) and a wide variety of exclusive flora and fauna. The Sunderbans is well known for its four world heritage sites namely – The Hiron point, KachiKhali, Katka and Mandarbaria. A visit to this enchanting place where nature welcomes you with open arms will definitely revive your senses.

Bangladesh is also well known for its tea plantations in the Sylhet division. It boasts of having 150 tea gardens with three of them being the largest ones in the world. The area around these tea gardens is famous for its shrines and the forests in the hilly regions. You'll find a beautiful beach and enormous coconut plantations in the Barishal area, where 'Kuakata' and 'Horinghata' are the chief tourist spots – one being one of the loveliest sea beaches in the world and the other being a home for the famous spotted deer. You can end your trip to Bangladesh by visiting the Rajshahi area known for its historical sites, famous temples and a Buddhist monastery.

Visiting this country has been made easier with three international airports available at Dhaka, Sylhet and Chittagong. The sumptuous Bengali cuisine has a fine taste and is very appetizing. You can shop to your heart's content in the major cities in Bangladesh. The best buys include fine muslin cloth, Pink Pearl of unparalleled quality, exclusive gold and silver ornaments, antique bronze articles and handicraft artifacts.

So just go for a holiday to Bangladesh and return back home with a bagful of memories and adventure.

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