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Walking through a busy lane, you suddenly stop and look behind at the call of a local, saying “Laowai! Laowai!”. You wonder what that means; shrug your shoulders and move ahead, only to encounter a similar experience after some time. The only place in the world where this could happen is in China, where “Laowai” means “dear foreigner”. The country has a thousand offerings for its visitors and the people have loads of love and affection in their hearts.

Republic of China, located in East Asia, is a country with a vast area and the highest population in the world. The country shares its borders with the fourteen neighboring countries of India, Myanmar, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Bhutan, Nepal, Vietnam & Laos to its southern side; Mongolia & Russia to its northern side; North Korea to its eastern end and Kazakhstan, Tajikistan & Kyrgyzstan towards the western end. The history of ancient China is enormously vast and complex and the cultural outlook is distinctly different in the diverse regions.

China tourism is well-developed and attracts many tourist from all around the world. The capital of China is Beijing, which hosted the Olympic Games recently in 2008. It is the center of all the cultural and political activities in the country, while its most famous tourist attraction is the 'Forbidden City'. Shanghai is the largest city in China, which has been enhanced with the most modern features in architecture. The city boasts as being a chief commercial city and it is renowned for its cityscape along the riverside. The other important cities in mainland China are Hangzhou – a city with natural scenic beauty & well-known for its silk industries; Guangzhou – a fast developing city with the latest amenities; Xi'an – the terminal point of the silk road and the oldest of all cities; Guilin – loved for its picturesque mountains and beautiful rivers; Suzhou – well-known for its lovely gardens and magnificent canals and rightly called as “Venice of the East” and many more cities with innumerable destinations of tourist interest.

The Great Wall of China with a mysterious history is the place that brings visitors from far-off countries to China. This ancient architectural masterpiece is more than 8,000 km long and it is one among the wonders of the world. The huge Mount Everest, which lies on the border of Nepal and Tibet (in China), is the highest point in the world. The Juizhaigou Natural Reserve Park and the Hainan Island are very popular among travelers for their most beautiful lakes and marvelous waterfalls. Other famous tourist attractions are the carving of Buddha in a riverside cliff in Leshan and around 51,000 statues of the Buddhist culture located inside about 50 caves in the mountains of Yungang Grottoes. Apart from these famous tourist spots, Taiwan Hong Kong and Macau are a must-see for visitors. These places are part of China, but they have separate governments.

Travelers to this country can stay at places depending upon their budget. Share simple dorm rooms with fellow travelers for an economy stay and those who can afford it can avail a luxury stay at plush hotels like the Hyatt, Marriot, Shangri La, etc. Shopping in China for articles like porcelain, jade, pearls, furniture, carpets and 'cloissone' (metal showpiece decorated with colorful enamel) could be a nice deal but beware of fake antiques since the government has banned antique articles from exporting since May 2007.

China is renowned for its cuisine all over the world. The chief ingredients of Chinese food are noodles (made from wheat) and rice. There are variations in the cooking style in different regions of the country. This is a place where you would be offered with some of the weirdest dishes like 'bird's nest', 'shark's fin' & 'camel's paw' and you are most likely to be helped with a menu which offers dog's meat, rats and snakes. Other famous food items include 'Baozi', 'Dim Sum', 'Montou', 'Lamian', 'Peking Duck'& 'Hele Crab'.

The climate of China is as diverse as the country's expanse. Northern China has subarctic climate with four seasons around the year. The summers are super hot and the winters are chilling cold over here. Southern China is comparatively less harsh, with a tropical climate.

Come to China and explore the country to find out some really amazing and weird things about it. Get to learn the ancient traditional Chinese martial arts like Tai Chi and Kung-Fu, or just relax on a beach, savoring an authentic Chinese dish. You will feel that your vacation has been wonderful.

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