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Famous for its role in the 19th century Opium Wars, Hong Kong has rapidly rose from a small fishing island to one of the most prestigious places to live, work and travel. The perfect blend of history and modernity, Hong Kong is a destination you should not pass up on experiencing.

Hong Kong is made up of four distinct areas – Hong Kong Island, Kowloon, the New Territories and the Outlying Islands. Each part is completely different but each will totally blow you away with her stunning natural beauty and her many things to do, see and experience. A city guide to Hong Kong is essential for experiencing the full package.

On the island itself, Victoria Peak is perhaps the best place to start your journey. This is where the rich people live and back in the 19th century, only the British could make their homes here. A tram ride from Central to Victoria Peak allows you to experience some incredible views; on good days you can even see Victoria Harbour.

The Mid-Levels Escalator is 800 meters long, the longest in the world, and is a unique experience. When you go west from here you will arrive at the Man Mo Temple, which is one of the earliest temples built in Hong Kong. The beautiful temple to the god of war, Kwan Yu and Man Cheung, is especially famous for being popular with the Triads and the police.

Kowloon is also known as Gaolong, which means nine dragons. Most international travellers head for Tsim Shia Tsiu, reached via the world famous Star Ferry which can be caught from Victoria Harbour. When you arrive here, head to the Hong Kong Cultural Centre where you can experience one of the many performances performed here. You will find the Hong Kong Museum of Art behind here where vast collections of Chinese porcelain, art, paintings and antiques are arranged in well-lit displays.

The Avenue of the Stars is a fantastic place to visit. This is the area where those in the Hong Kong movies are celebrated and in addition to this, you can enjoy the stunning Symphony of Light. This is a permanent light show which will wow you.

To experience the utmost tranquillity and serenity you will discover it at the Chi Lin Nunnery. Buddhist nuns offer sacrifices consisting of rice and fruit to the Buddha amongst numerous halls in this stunning Buddhist complex. The lotus ponds will make the picture complete.

The New Territories is full of lush green rolling hills and picture perfect scenery. If Hong Kong Island is an urban jungle, then the New Territories is a lush paradise. This part of Hong Kong started being ruled over by the British in 1898. Although it has undergone immense urbanisation, it still retains that peace and tranquillity it is famous for.

Enjoying the beautiful scenery of the New Territories is mostly what is on offer here. Tao Mo Shan is the tallest mountain in this area and you can experience the beauty of this majestic region by hiking along the 100km MacLehose Trail.

There are two walled 16th century villages in Kam Tim which are fascinating to tourists. They are a aide memoire of the times when pirates ruled the seas and bothered the people along with imperial soldiers, marauders and bandits.

The Outlying Islands are made up of numerous islands but Lantu Island is twice the size of Hong Kong Island. Head up to Ngong Pingn where you can visit the famous Buddhist monastery and temple complex. This is the home of the world famous Tian Tan Buddha, made from bronze.

Lamma Island is a stunning island where you can enjoy some much needed peace and serenity. Beach lovers will enjoy the fantastic golden sandy beaches and everyone will enjoy the fact that the island has no cars on it whatsoever.

Restaurants in Hong Kong range from street food to high class restaurants; seafood is the freshest you will ever experience and since Hong Kong is home to numerous ethnicities, you will find a wide range of ethnic and fusion cuisine.

Hotels in Hong Kong are very expensive, even for the smallest rooms. Guesthouses and hostels are much more affordable, especially for those on a budget, but you are sure to find something to appeal to your wants and wallets.

Hong Kong is a modern day paradise for travellers – it is full of history, culture, prestige, shopping and relaxation. This is why Hong Kong will never be able to disappoint you.

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