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The provincial capital of Shangdong, Jinan is considered to be one of the loveliest cities to be found in the entire country, along with one of the longest and richest histories. The local people call Jinan the City of Springs and a city guide to Jinan is vital if you want to explore this beautiful city.

Illustrious celebrities, such as the gorgeous actress Gong Li, and historical figures like Bain Que and Zou Yan, have been proud to call Jinan home. You too will be proud to walk the streets of this amazing city and the many cultural attractions and things to do will certainly keep you busy and fascinated.

As soon as you arrive in Jinan you will notice a strong German influence in Jinan, although not quite the same level as you would expect in other cities in Shangdong such as Qingdao. This region became the home to many westerners, especially the Germans and British, so if you head south from Jinan train station then you will be able to admire the European architecture.

Due to its vast history, Jinan has several cultural attractions which will fascinate you. Head for the springs, hence the reason behind the name 'City of Springs', where you bask in the warmth of the waters and the nearby park makes for a pleasant way to unwind and shelter from the fierce summer heat.

Head west of Five Dragon Pool Park to visit the famous statue of the Daoist god of war, Guandi, which shows him stroking his beard. Candles are lit by worshippers who continue to honour him.

The next step in your tour of Jinan is the Hong Lou Church (Honglong Jiaotang) which was constructed by the German concession who wanted a place to worship. Well preserved, it is a beautifully striking piece of colonial architecture which still attracts thousands of tourists.

But the church is not the only outside religious building; indeed, the Mosque (Qingzhen Si) sees droves of worshippers as well as tourists who are interested in seeing this magnificent place of worship. Constructed back in the 13th century, the mosque is surrounded by a spirit wall and an imposing gate tower, full of pine trees and commemorative stele which makes it truly beautiful to the eye. If you are not of the Muslim faith you will not be allowed to enter the main prayer hall.

Venture southeast of Jinan city centre and you will discover the Thousand Buddha Mountain (Qianfo Shan) which you can scale by taking the cable car available at the bottom. You will be rewarded with lush views of the region and be able to visit galleries containing stunning displays of Tang Dynasty Buddhist statues, calligraphy, paintings and china.

The local cuisine is called Lu cai, which derives from the ancient state of Lu. It is one of the eight culinary traditions of the country and as such, restaurants in Jinan create their dishes with the utmost care to taste, flavour and presentation.

You will need at least several days to see everything Jinan has to offer and you will find hotels in Jinan to be both comfortable and plenty. You are sure to find accommodation that will suit both your desires and your budget.

Jinan is a spectacular city to visit when in China and will steal your heart away as soon as you arrive.

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