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The heart cannot help skipping a beat when one steps in the amazing city of Delhi. Famed for enchanting sights and typical Indian buzz, the modern city presents a glimpse into centuries gone by while presenting a pulsating city life. A sensual treat of vibrant hues, spicy tangy food, soothing gazals and tantalizing music, air filled with aromatic sandalwood and fragrant jasmine scents, satiny silky saris and glamorous lehengas, is the essence of Delhi culture and heritage. Traditions married with modern age is what makes this bustling city alluring.

Delhi’s origins as a commercial city dates from the age of Mauryan civilization when it was an integral section of the capital’s national highway. Known as Indraprastha, according to famous records, in the great epic Mahabharata, with an ancient village of that era is said to be the predecessor to the current day, Old Fort which remain a popular tourist attraction.

Delhi has played witness to the sovereignty of numerous kingdoms with ambitious emperors. During times of rejuvenation and destruction- from the eras of Delhi Sultanate, followed by the Khilji Dynasty, the Mughals and then the Tughlaqs and many other empires, Delhi has showed its resilience in victory celebrations of great dynasties and mourning of defeats.

Such great history is still remembered vividly in the multitude of sites that veil numerous untold tales. Delhi is home to many historic monuments which include forts and mausoleums. For an experiential history lesson, one is spoilt for choices among the Red Fort, Tughlaqabad Fort and Qutub Minar, among many other interesting sights with historical significance. Each monument has its own unique charm and amazing features- the Red Fort, also called the Lai Quila is where one can learn the history of the capital of the renowned Shah Jahan. The fort is known for its outstanding architecture and comprises other equally stunning buildings which also include a major palace. Majestic Tughlaqabad fort remains stoic and stunning despite the ruined state and the Qutub Minar constructed from red sandstone is a victory symbol of the Delhi Sultanate. To learn more about Delhi’s history, the National Museum, the Rail Transport Museum, just to name a few, are ideal places to be gain more knowledge of this great city’s past.

Modern attractions include the Lotus Temple, the Garden of Five Senses and the Dilli Haat which is bazaar with stalls selling food and handicrafts amidst a village market replica in the midst of the modern city. Visiting these sights has been made easier with the well-connected metro train system with a station, within walking distance to any of these fascinating attractions. This modern convenience is evidence of Delhi’s progress while its long and grand history is still remembered.

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