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Mumbai melee is magnetic and alluring, with the typical urban Indian charm to the hilt. The myriad of communities and sights in this glitzy land of Bollywood is astounding to say the least. Being one of the most populous cities in India, and the world, Mumbai or Bombay is an overcrowded home to billionaire tycoons as well as pavement dwellers. Ancient monuments stand proud among the modern skyscrapers. The contrasts are stark and smooth in this seamlessly weaved city of opposites. A Mumbai travel provides interesting attractions to tourists.

India’s largest city, Mumbai has its own natural harbor which has largely contributed to its commercial success that can be traced back to the opening of Suez Canal in the 19th century. Now warehouses and busy docks share the same city as the sprawling slums whose residents have yet to break out of the circle of poverty. Just like the co-existence of the poor and the rich, the various communities of Hindus, Muslims, Christians and others live together in busy harmony. At least ten different languages can be heard from the locals of this metropolitan. Mumbai is indeed another facet of the melting pot that is India. This infusion of culture and religions is evident in the different religious monuments dotting this cosmopolitan. Prayers and offerings are common sight in Siddhivinayak Temple, Haji Ali Mosque or the St Michael’s Church. There are other Jain, Zoroastrian temples, among many others.

Ancient structures such as the iconic Gateway to India, the Victoria Terminus complement younger attractions such as the prominent Flora Fountain and General Post Office. With the modern skyscrapers being an exception, most of the outstanding building constructed in recent centuries have architectural designs that are significantly with touch of Mumbai, domes and minarets are common features found in the buildings here. Another iconic sight of Mumbai is not a constructed building but a special group of workers who can be said to be indispensable for the power brokers and busy executives in the commercial buildings such as the Mumbai Stock Exchange. They are the dabbawallahs, couriers of home-made lunches, who collect the freshly prepared meals from over thousands homes in the suburbans and deliver them on time, to the offices throughout the city. The daily sight of these hardworking groups carrying their huge elongated trays with the food containers on their head, quickly maneuvering their way among the chaotic crowds is nothing short of amazing.

Mayhem filled Mumbai is city of contrasts where many have gone to seek their fame or fortune. Whether the dreams are actualized or otherwise, experiencing Mumbai personally is an unforgettable memory.

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