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Do not dismiss Chiba as just another suburbia of Tokyo; Chiba is a wonderful city which is a fantastic place to visit just on its own. The largest city in Chiba prefecture, you will find this beautiful city to be full of fun things to do, interesting cultural attractions, wonderful shopping experiences and scrumptious dishes to be savoured.

Chiba is easily accessible via train from Tokyo and various other cities, as well as by plane or bus. The city is famous for its monorail, the largest free-standing of its kind anywhere in the world. Although the monorail is not an attraction by itself, it is, however, a fun thing to experience simply if you have the time.

To understand Chiba and what there is to experience, a city guide to Chiba is an invaluable thing to have. Chiba Port Tower is generally the first port of call for tourists. The city has no shortage of tall buildings, but the Chiba Port Tower has an observation deck at 112 meters so you can enjoy some of the most spectacular views to be found in the country. Downstairs, you can take pleasure in a simulated ocean environment which the kids will thoroughly enjoy.

A ten minute walk away from the monorail will lead you to Chiba Castle. The castle is not a product of ancient times, however; it is of recent construction but do not let this put you off. The building itself is incredibly impressive and the inside is just as remarkable.

If you are looking for a place of calmness and serenity, then make your way over to the Blue Leaf Forest Park. An oasis in the urban jungle, Blue Leaf Forest Park is a ten minute walk away from the Keisei Chiba line station Chibadera and will make all your senses come alive during the Cherry Blossom season. Even if you come here at other periods, the park will allow all the stresses and strains of the outside world disappear, leaving your soul relaxed and soothed.

Shopaholics will go crazy in Chiba as there are limitless opportunities to spend, spend, spend. In the western section of Chiba you will find the Makuhari Techno Garden – this is a sprawling complex of shopping malls and restaurants. Everything under the sun, including electronics and gadgets, can be purchased here before sitting down for a sushi lunch. The Mitsui Outlet Shopping Mall can be found a short distance away from the Kaihin-makuhari Station and you will find a vast array of big brands such as Nike and Coach at good prices.

If you are searching for restaurants in Chiba then you certainly won’t have to look far. There are numerous restaurants catering to various styles of cuisine and budgets. You will also find numerous Western restaurants in the city if you are looking for a taste of home.

Hotels in Chiba are much easier on the wallet than in nearby Tokyo. There are smaller, cheaper hotels near the train station if you are on a tight budget and various luxury and mid-range options scattered throughout the city.

Overshadowed by the bright lights of Tokyo, Chiba deserves more recognition and respect for her interesting cultural sites and distinctive beauty. Once you arrive in Chiba, you will be amazed by her and never want to leave.

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