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Once upon a time, the city of Fukuoka was merely a gateway for travellers en route to the more scenic areas surrounding it; today, however, tourism in Fukuoka has become a leading industry and the city is much loved by national and international tourists who are lucky to stay for a few days.

Located at the southern point of the Shinkansen, Fukuoka is not one of the largest cities in Japan but it does have several cultural attractions, a scattering of museums, numerous restaurants and a personality that could rival the capital itself. A city & travel guide to Fukuoka is a must-have when you are visiting so you can plan your stay and see everything in that time.

Exploring Canal City is generally the first port of call for any travellers. In 1996, a project was undertaken in the southernmost point of the entertainment district named Nakasu. The end result was a major complex consisting of a 13 screen cinema theatre, two hotels, a theatre, shopping arcades, and countless bars and restaurants, all in striking and rainbow coloured blocks. The interior court is the heart of this place, where numerous blue, pink and purple buildings encircle a canal which proceeds to erupt showers of water reaching five storeys high every hour, much like a cuckoo clock.

The Fukuoka Asia Art Museum is a must-see for anyone who enjoys a touch of culture. It has only recently been open to the public but its many displays of contemporary Asian art, along with various other exhibitions, have made it an incredibly popular attraction. You will find it on the seventh floor in the Hakata Riverain shopping centre.

The principal icon of this amazing city is the Fukuoka Tower. Stretching an incredible 234 meters into the sky, the skinny tower is actually used for communications but the first section consists of 8000 sheets of mirrored glass and is not used for anything. The top section is where radio transmitters are located, but it is between the two where, at 123 meters high, you can enjoy incredible views of the entire city at the famous observation deck.

History lovers need not despair for there are many things to do in Fukuoka for you as well. Take a trip to Fukuoka-shi Hakubutsukan, the city’s history museum. Located in an imposing grey and mirrored building, the museum is a fabulous place to really get a feel for the city’s importance in Japan’s history. Artefacts and exhibitions from seven periods divide the main hall, including a section devoted to folk culture. The highlight of this amazing museum is the Kin-in gold seal. The inscription on this two centimetre seal d=states that it was given to the King of Na in 57 CE by the Chinese Han emperor. Surprisingly enough, it was only discovered in 1784 in a grave.

No matter what your preference is for food, your tastebuds will certainly thank you for bringing them here. Canal City features a wide variety of cuisine styles here, anything from yakitori to Chinese to Italian restaurants. However, you must try the local style of ramen which has a very overpowering smell.

 The range of hotels in Fukuoka means that no matter what your budget or desires are you will find something to suit you. Most of the inexpensive hotels can be found near and around the train station but there are a number of mid-range and luxury hotels scattered throughout the city.

Fukuoka is a terrific city to visit when you are touring Japan. Although modern, it has that ancient feel to it which blends in perfectly with the contemporary city. Full of possibilities and charm, it is a city well worth visiting.

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