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The beautiful country of Japan is full of cities that are well worth visiting, but one city which stands out from the crowds is Narita. With a history stretching back to the dawn of Japanese civilization, a bounty of cultural attractions and a smorgasbord of fantastic restaurants and shopping opportunities, it is little wonder why over ten million make their way to this city each year.

Located around 60km northeast of the capital, you will need to consult your city guide to Narita to find your way around this fabulous place. There is an endless supply of things to do in Narita so make sure you have enough time to spend here.

The number one tourist attraction in Narita is the Naritasan Shinsho-ji. Belonging to the Shingon branch of the Buddhist religion, this temple is a thousand years old and the fact that it has survived the long century testifies to its importance to the culture of Japan. The temple complex has many different halls, pagodas, a museum and gardens, each adding to the ambience. Gold painted dragon heads watch you from the rafters of the magnificent Great Main Hall and the three storey high pagoda is awash with bright colours.

To fully understand the history and culture, head on down to the National Museum of Japanese History. Located in Sakura, just outside of Narita, surrounded by woods, this amazing museum takes you on a thrilling ride throughout Japan’s long and fascinating history. Some of the best artefacts to view include a collection of figurines from the Jomon era (10,000 BCE). There are a wide variety of cultural objects and interactive models of various temples, cities and towns.

For a place to relax, unwind and leave all the cares of the world behind, pay a visit to Sakura-no-Yama Hill. Cherry trees provide shade and a pretty backdrop to this quiet little park located near the Narita International Park. Another place to unwind is the Narita Tourist Pavilion where you participate in a traditional tea ceremony. If you have time, you should head on over to the Chiba Prefectural Flower and Tree Centre (with free admission) as well as the fantastic Museum of Aeronautical Science, where there is an observation desk so you can enjoy fantastic views of the city.

You will discover a treasure chest of restaurants in Narita, each selling a variety of different national and international cuisine. Narita has several dishes which are local specialities; try unagi – broiled eel in a light sweet sauce, served with rice. Takoyaki, octopus balls fried, is another native delicacy. If these don’t tickle your fancy, try dorayaki, a red bean pancake.

You will discover that hotels in Narita are much more affordable than in the capital. To get the very best rates, try to book your hotel as far in advance as you possibly can.

Narita is one of those places in the world where you will find everything that you want in a holiday. From fantastic and varied cultural attractions, delicious food, endless shopping opportunities and an atmosphere that is both peaceful and vibrant.

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