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The fifth largest city in Japan, Sapporo is one of the friendliest and vivacious places in the entire country. Considered the transport hub of the region, there is a bounty of lush green parks and gardens, along with a variety of cultural attractions, vibrant restaurants, great shopping opportunities and fantastic architecture. A city and travel guide to Sapporo will need to be consulted in order to plan your travel itinerary.

The capital of Hokkaido, Sapporo is well known for its production of beer, a product that has been created here since 1891. You will find the city has a laid-back atmosphere, pleasant and far more relaxed than the hustle and bustle you would find in other cities such as Tokyo. Yet you will find a variety of things to do in Sapporo.

The Botanical Gardens is Sapporo’s number one tourist attraction and easily found near the station. The Ainu Museum is situated next door and is very interesting if you have time to venture inside. The museum is dedicated to the history and culture of the Aimu people, one of Japan’s native ethnicities. The many displays also have English captions so you can learn all about the different objects and artefacts.

The botanical gardens themselves are a pleasant way to enjoy a few hours. There are a variety of ponds, greenhouses, rockeries, gardens and trails through forests, all plants and flowers the Ainu people use in their everyday lives. A natural history museum can be found in the middle of the gardens where they are a vast array of stuffed animals, including wolves and sea lions.

For those interested in contemporary art, head over to the Kokkaido Museum of Modern Art. Here you will discover an interesting collection of modern art, including many paintings and sculptures created by various Japanese artists.

The Sapporo Beer Garden and Museum is perhaps one of the best loved tourist attractions in the city and it isn’t hard to see why. Beer has been a popular product distributed all throughout the country and a museum has been installed in the red-brick building where the amber nectar is still produced today. You will be taken on a fascinating tour of the grounds, including the gardens and the history of the brewery before being able to sample the product itself.

Do not miss out on visiting the charming Historical Village of Hokkaido. One of the highlights to any trip to Sapporo is a visit here, which will take at least half a day to experience. This village is an interactional museum, spread out over an entire charming park, where 60 buildings were created between the latter 19th and early 20th centuries when large numbers of people from Honshu arrived here. The village can be divided into four main sections – farm, mountain, town and fishing – each showing you what life was like in Hokkaido in the past. In the summer you can enjoy a horse drawn trolley ride or a sleigh ride in the winter.

Restaurants in Sapporo feature a wide variety of dishes, but you should definitely try some of the local cuisine. Hairy crab is one of the most iconic dishes in the city, although it can be an expensive treat. If you can’t stretch to hair crab, another local dish is miso ramen and Sapporo soup curry.

There are many different types of hotels in Sapporo with the cheaper options and business accommodation located around the train station. There is a good selection of mid-range and luxury hotels dispersed throughout the city.

If you find yourself in the region, then you should definitely spend some time in Sapporo. Vibrant yet relaxed, exciting yet laid-back, Saporro is one of those cities which oozes charm and appeal.

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