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Sitting in the shadow of neighbouring Tokyo, the beautiful city of Yokohama basks in its own shining glory. Walking around the streets of the city, you will find that Yokohama has a more open atmosphere. Not only is this, due to its long and open relationship with foreigners, there a distinctive international ambience blended perfectly with traditional Japanese culture and history.

As you stroll along the fragrant flower-lined streets, you should consult your city guide to Yokohama. There is an abundance of charming and fascinating cultural attractions which draws millions of visitors (both international and Japanese), an range of museums, a pleasant seafront, towering futuristic-looking skyscrapers and many restaurants and shops to keep you busy here.

Shopaholics will enjoy starting their trip to Yokohama with a visit to Motomachi. Head south from the centre of the city and you will find this hip shopping street which dates back from before WWII. This was the place back then where expats would do their shopping; as such, you will notice a distinctive European feel to many of the buildings and shops themselves. Head a little to the south to discover a range of chic restaurants, cafes and art galleries.

Yokohama’s Chinatown is the largest in the country; it consists of 300 stores and 200 Chinese restaurants and sees a tourist trade of 18 million people each year. You cannot miss out on sampling the delicious Chinese food before shopping around for Chinese herbs and other bargains. The shrine built to honour Guan Yu, a mortal deified as the guardian of Chinatown, is the spiritual and communal heart of the Chinese residents and a popular tourist attraction. The architectural and artistic designs are simply stunning.

The Silk Museum is one of the best museums in the city. It traces the history and importance of Yokohama as a silk trader in the 19th century. The Silk Museum has many different rooms to check out, from where silkworms munch away on delicious mulberry leaves, to weaving and dying rooms.

Pay a visit to Shinko islands where you can enjoy fantastic views of the surrounding area on the Cosmo Clock 21. This is one of the biggest Ferris Wheels in the entire world, boasting an impressive 112 meter diameter. The views are especially breathtaking when you enjoy them at night.

Another museum well worth visiting is the Ningyo no le, or better known in English as the Doll Museum. There are amazing displays of dolls created from all over the world, from traditional ethnic and classical dolls made by the Japanese, to blue and blue-eyed dolls sent from America at the turn of the 20th century. Come here on the 3rd of March when the Doll Festival takes place.

Restaurants in Yokohama feature a vast range of cuisine, each designed to please both the eyes, the nose and tastebuds. Even the quick, local street foods will taste exquisite.

There are a vast range of hotels in Yokohama, all scattered from one corner of the city to the other. You will find an assortment of cheaper options around the train station, along with some exquisite luxury hotels near the edge of the city limits with fantastic views of the surrounding area.

With a more relaxed and spacious atmosphere than neighbouring Tokyo, Yokohama is a city that is proud of its long, rich history, its vibrant heritage and its place in Japanese culture. When you arrive here, you are guaranteed that you will be planning your next trip here. 

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