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Kazakhstan – a land-locked country in Central Asia – is a place where you would feel that all the beauty of nature's best gifts has been showered with an open heart. This place is a mix of ancient traditions and modern times and it has enough options for a traveller to discover genuine enchantment. Kazakhstan tourism offers wide range of activities for the visitors.

Kazakhstan is located in Central Asia, bordering the European continent. Being the largest land-locked nation in the world, it also ranks ninth on the list with respect to geographical area and shares its land borders with China, Russia, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan and Kyrgyzstan. The historical records provide proofs of human civilization in Kazakhstan since the Stone Age period. In spite of having a majority of Muslim population and Kazakh being the dominant race, the country has a multinational republic government that recognizes nearly 130 nationalities. The Russian influence can be experienced overwhelmingly, owing to the past relationship of the country with the Russian soviet.

The present-day capital city of this beautiful country is Astana, well known worldwide with the aspects of its political scenario and business profile. Almaty is another important city as well as the former capital of Kazakhstan. This country has carved a niche for itself on the world tourism map.

Kazakhstan has intense beauty spread across its steppes mountain ranges and in the enormous historical places. It boasts of having the most modern infrastructure. The topography of the country is unique, with lowlands at the Karaghiye Depression – world's second lowest point (around 132 metres below sea level) in the west, and the mountain of Khan Tengri in the east – the highest point in Kazakhstan (about 7000 metres above sea level).

This place has some of the most fascinating places to visit for tourists. The mountain of Khan Tengri near Almaty is the chief tourist attraction. It has a geometrical pyramid shape that reflects sunlight in various colours during different times of the day. The Charyn Canyon is yet another popular tourist destination. It is nearly 154 km long and a part of it is identified as the Valley of Castles owing to the natural formations, which resemble historical fortresses.

The world's first and largest space launching centre, the Baikonur Cosmodrome, is a must-see place for travellers. The Medeo ice-skating rink, situated as high as 1700 metres, is the largest one of its kind in the world. Located at 150 km from Almaty, is a 3km long sand crest known as the Singing Dunes. This place is very popular among visitors since it emits musical notes of varying frequencies during dry weather.

The Golden Ring of Southern Kazakhstan is another most favourite place for visitors. This oasis was home to the earliest Kazakh civilizations of nomadic tribes. The place has been preserved along with many ancient landmarks of the historical age. A major part of the Silk Road passes through Kazakhstan, crossing the important cities of Otrar, Taraz and Turkestan. The Aktau region has underground mosques built by the ancient rulers and it is a place with natural scenic beauty in its mineral springs and huge canyons. Also, don't forget to visit the Borovoye Resort, acknowledged as the "Kazakh Switzerland" and located between Kakshetau and Astana. It is a resort town inhabited by around 5000 people and has a wide array of restaurants, discos, pubs and shopping centres.

The Kazakh cuisine offers a very balanced diet consisting of meat, rice, pasta ns potatoes. Meat is the chief ingredient in most of the dishes. Some famous Kazakh delicacies are 'Beshbarmak', 'Shashlyk', 'Manty' and 'Laghman'. You can also savour some traditional Kazakhstani beverages like 'Kvas', 'Kumiss' and 'Kumyran'. Staying over here is relatively cheap and affordable. If you are an adventurous traveller, you can stay in yurts or traditional Kazakh tents in the Burabay region.

Kazakhstan is connected to major cities of the world by air. While in this country, you can experience both, adventure and leisure. Don't forget to ride on a horseback in the rocky mountains and valleys of Kazakhstan....it would definitely be a memorable journey.

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