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Kyrgyzstan Travel Guide


A place with pristine natural beauty amidst the tall mountain ranges, covered with snow, picturesque blue lakes that appear like an innocent dream and a very interesting nomadic style of life. All the travel-freaks, welcome to Kyrgyzstan – a nation that is progressively becoming famous in the travel circuit. This Kyrgyzstan travel guide is dedicated to providing tourism and travel information with travel tips and ideas.

Kyrgyzstan is a land-locked Cenrtal Asian country, bordering Kazakhstan to its north, China to its southeast, Tajikistan to its south-west and Uzbekistan to its west. This nation has a standing nomadic history and the recent political unrest under the Russian influence has been very dramatic. Kyrgyzstan attained independence in 1991 from the Russian soviet and since then, it has been one of the most popular tourist destinations in Central Asia. The visa policy for tourists visiting this country is the most liberal one in all the Central Asian countries.

Bishkek, the capital city, is full of modern amenities and the largest city, area wise. A few other major cities in Kyrgyzstan are Jalal-Abad, Osh, Balykchy, Karakol, Talas and Tokmok. From Jalal-Abad, you can access the gateway to the Ferghana valley, a mesmerizingly beautiful abode for nature-lovers. Osh is the second largest city. It houses a marvellous, 3000 years old outdoor market town, the biggest and busiest one in Central Asia. The town of Tokmok is the present day 'Ak-Beshim', the ancient capital of the historically significant silk route. There are several big and small cities in Kyrgyzstan, each one having some special attributes to itself.

The most happening tourist attraction in Kyrgyzstan is Lake Issyk Kul. This charming, beautiful, crystal-blue lake is located high in the lap of the Tien Shan Mountains and in spite of being situated amidst the snowy mountain ranges, this lake never freezes, not even during winters. Tourists can avail the opportunity to enjoy boating, scuba diving as well as fishing for a good catch over here. Lake Song Kul is another lovely place to visit. It is smaller as compared to Lake Issyk Kul, but in terms of natural beauty, this place wins the heart of every visitor. Its location in the rocky cliffs makes it a bit inaccessible but adventurous travellers can go by hiking.

Some other places of tourist interest in Kyrgyzstan are the Burana Tower, Tash Rabat and the Ala Archa National Park. The Burana Tower is a lonely ancient minaret on the historical Silk Road. The Tash Rabat, a 15th century caravanserai made of stone, is a treat for those who like to explore historical landmarks. The one place which no tourist ever misses is the Ala Archa National Park, which boasts of being the best alpine park in Kyrgyzstan.

This country has a mixed type of climate with the Tien Shan region being polar to dry continental, the north zone of the foothills with temperate and south-western zone of Fergana Valley with sub-tropical climatic conditions. The Kyrgyz cuisine is very special and it could probably happen to be the best part of your trip to this wonderful country. Meat dominates the menu, with variants like mutton, horsemeat and camel meat. You can munch on some delightful Central Asian recipes like Besh-Barmak, Manty, Paloo and Shorpa and finish your meal with lip-smacking desserts like 'Choymo Tokach' or 'Khalvaitar'.

Staying in Kyrgyzstan is relatively light on a travellers' pocket, since you can find accommodation facility in rented residential flats for a very smart deal. You can also enjoy the taste of tribal nomadic lifestyle by booking a stay in the Kyrgyz yurt dorms, which also includes an interesting tribal menu for visitors.

The Manas airport at Bishkek has an international air terminal with excellent facilities, which is directly accessible to a few major cities of the world. Travellers from far away can manage to have connecting flights to Kyrgyzstan from Almaty (Kazakhstan). It is also very cheap and easy to travel by road or railways.

A visit to Kyrgyzstan can become truly very memorable, provided you go in for the weird tribal adventures. Come here and explore nature's bounty, spend your lazy hours while fishing and savour a lavish dinner party with friendly locals. It's a worthwhile and delightful experience.

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