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Located at the mouth of the Pearl River, Macau has always been an important trading port and was part of the ancient Silk Road. Settled by the Portuguese in the early 1550s, Macau became the perfect crossroads for a meeting of east and west - and it is the combination of its Chinese and Portuguese heritage that gives Macau its unique and fascinating culture.

Whilst it may be small in size, Macau packs experiences for all the senses into its 29 sq km – with sights, sounds and tastes that will surprise and fascinate at every turn.

“The Historic Centre of Macau” is inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List alongside other great Chinese monuments such as the Great Wall and the Summer Palace in Beijing. A living reflection of the city’s unique history, “The Historic Centre of Macau” features over 20 monuments - including temples, churches, theatres and even a lighthouse – linked by streetscapes and plazas.

When the Portuguese arrived in Asia they brought food, not only from their home country, but from Africa, South America and India. These combined and adapted by local Chinese into a truly international cuisine for which Macau is justifiably famous. So whether it is Portuguese sausage and olives, Chinese seafood and noodles, egg tart or Africa chicken – no-one ever goes hungry in Macau!

Head south and you reach Coloane – Macau’s countryside – with green hills and valleys, traditional villages and beach-lined bays. For the active visitor, a host of options awaits on land or on sea – from golf and tennis to canoeing and windsurfing. For something a bit more chilled out there are beaches, lapped by the warm safe waters of the Pearl River. And in sleepy Coloane village there is the atmosphere of traditional Macau, where inhabitants enjoy the same peaceful way of life that they have for centuries.

Macau is home to a host of fascinating and colorful events and festivals that reflect its unique multicultural heritage and traditions. From Chinese celebrations such as the Dragon Boat Festival and Ching Ming, to the Christian “Senhor dos Passos” procession and more contemporary events including the Macau Grand Prix or the International Fireworks Display Concert, there is something special to see or join in throughout the seasons in Macau.

And so much more… with all of this, Macau still has more to offer – from a flutter in the casino to the adrenaline rush of a 233 meter SkyJump off the Macau Tower, a pampering session in an elegant spa to a shopping spree in a designer mall. There has never enough time to do it all!

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