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Kuala Lumpur, K.L. in short, is the most populated city in Malaysia and also the country's capital. This great metropolis is at the confluence of two rivers, the most important is the Klang. All your benchmarks will be disturbed by the amazing mess of the city. Then go to Batu Caves for the Hindu pilgrimage, history of calling your minds in order and leave for new adventures! Unlike many Asian cities, Kuala Lumpur still has tranquil spots of nature, historical buildings and a warm cultural heritage that will make your travel to the city a worthwhile.

Between cultural and ethnic mix, as well as architectural patchwork, the Petronas Twin Towers, swing your heart and face, high of 452 meters for 88 floors, your eyes will fall over backwards. Impressive is the view from the Skybridge that connects the two Petronas Towers. After an introduction in the exhibition hall where they are facts and figures on the construction of buildings, and seeing a documentary about how the towers were built, at last it's time. Only about 16 people in an elevator that can take just 41 seconds to reach the floor 41, enjoy the wonderful view of Kuala Lumpur, super modern, with no pollution or chaos is the impression you have from the top. Undoubtedly a must in this city.

Located in a corner of Lake Garden (Taman Tasik Perdana), the oldest and most popular park in Kuala Lumpur, the Orchidarium has about 800 species of exotic orchids from Malaysia. The ride is incredible that one has to walk the hallways lined by colorful orchids definitely a corner to escape the bustle of Kuala Lumpur surrounded by floral aroma, the sound of running water sources, including a small market is where you can buy your orchid, requires a special attention.

Kuala Lumpur is a city even impresses the traveler from landing there. Its huge airport. It has an infrastructure to welcome more than twenty million visitors a year and where the atmosphere is a place where the architectural design from ultramodern to their electronic installations are very advanced.

Traveling to Cyberjaya, situated about 50 south of Kuala Lumpur, is an experience that takes any expectancy to futuristic land. High speed networks and transportation systems, Cyberjaya is accessible from anywhere. Composed of five roads and train services within walking distance, this is a transportation system that is characterized by its order and fluidity, perhaps not very common in cities in the Far East.

As well as places like Dubai in favor of a modern hotel infrastructure, Kuala Lumpur makes the effectiveness of their means of transport and by giving the visitor a set of systems of high technology that demystifies the notion that big cities have the ballast of chaos and lack of security.

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