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The island of Penang, located on the northwest coast of the Malay Peninsula is true a paradise for the travelers. It is at the same time also a Federal state at the west coast of the peninsula. It is Malaysia's most famous travel destination, which hardly requires a special explanation. Penang does not only admit Georgetown as a city of full history, but also the long beach of Batu Feringghi with the beautiful hotels and the vast sea view. Pulau Penang, as the whole name reads, consists of the island and a land strip on the mainland, Seberang Prai. Already in 1786, the British set up here one of its first trade post in the Far East. Today, Penang and its capital, Georgetown, is a very lively world region with a unique blend of cultures from East and West. The island is connected to the mainland via the 13.5 kilometer-long bridge linked from Penang, one of the longest bridges in Asia. If the attraction of the old world charm lures you, then ferries to Penang operate 24 Hours around the clock. The ferry service is provided from Butterworth on the mainland. Bayan Lepas Penang International Airport is located just 20 km away from Georgetown. If you want to travel by train, the station is located in Butterworth, Seberang Prai on the mainland.


Fort Cornwallis:
The Fort Cornwallis was built by the British in the period after the landing of Captain Francis Light in Penang in 1786. It was originally consists of palisades and was then in 1804, equipped with massive stone walls, which are still obtained. Today, the fort serves as open-air museum as well as open-air theater, arts and crafts and souvenirs are available in the former casemate. Here the Old Dutch cannons are issued, which were supplied once to the Sultan of Johor, later used and abandoned by the Portuguese, then appeared in Java and thrown into the sea by pirate before they found the way into the fort.

The Penang Bird Park in Penang:
In the bird park in Seberang Jaya are about 400 species of exotic birds in a one-hectare park is not only the feathered treasures from Malaysia, you can see here, but also from throughout the tropical world. The bird park was created with specially designed aviaries and guarantees a nearly natural habitat in the middle of lush plants and small ponds with the islets in it. As a blooming decoration, one finds there also several fascinating fragrant orchids and hibiscus. The Penang Bird Park is open daily from 10:00 clock to 18:00 clock.

Orchid and Hibiscus Garden in Penang:
That is more than an amusement park, the one set up here on a two hectare of large site in Penang, "Bukit Jambul". Since there are not only extensive orchids and hibiscus hedges, but also a Reptile Farm, an ornamental Japanese pond, a large cactus garden, a pottery, a zoo and a artificial cascading waterfall.

The amusement park at the Bukit Mertajam:
About 18 km from Butterworth on the mainland is the park of Bukit Mertajam in a hilly terrain at an altitude of 457 meters above sea level. The park is over 37 hectares and has a variety of rare trees and plants, ferns, wild orchids and tropical flowers. The types of insects, birds and butterflies, which are to be found here, are numerous. On the well-marked paths, you can wander through the rainforest and the exotic atmosphere.

The butterfly farm of Penang:
A few kilometers north of Batu Feringghi at the Bay of Bahang, is the small but very interesting Butterfly Farm. Over 100 species of butterflies and other insects live here in a nicely decorated park landscape. You can visit the farm daily from 9:00 clock to 17:00 clock.

The Penang Hill - Penang:
A tour to the Penang Hill is compulsory for every visitor, because up there you have a breathtaking view over the whole island and to the mainland. On the 821-meter-high mountain, runs small cable-pulled railway cars, the ground station in Air Hitam, a suburb of Georgetown. From 6:30 am, the train goes regularly every half hour.

The snake temple - Penang:
This is perhaps the only temple of its kind, which exists in the world. Numerous sluggish snakes ringlets around the candlesticks and vases on the altars. They are relatively harmless, since they are always well fed and tired from the stupefying scent of incense. The temple is located in the southern suburb of Georgetown, entrance is free.

The Botanical Garden - Penang:
Lush vegetation you can find here, a variety of tropical plants and the shimmering colorfulness of Penang flowers. In the 30-hectare area is also a beautiful waterfall, which has been cleverly incorporated, and was established by the British way back in 1884. It goes back to Sir Charles Curtis, the first superintendent, in the hills of the island the botanical rarities are collected, which are to be found as a significant specimen in the largest herbaria in the world. Moreover, the park is known for its thick and cheeky rhesus monkeys. Open daily from 7:00 clock to 19:00 clock.

The Kek Lok Si Temple - Penang:
This Buddhist temple at Air Hitam, a southern suburb of Georgetown, is a fascinating mix of Thai and Burmese styles. The entire temple area is the largest and most beautiful in the whole of Southeast Asia.

Khoo Kongsi Clan House in Georgetown on Pulau Penang:
So the forefathers of the Chinese family Khoo from China after emigration to Penang, they built this Clan House for their family. First burned in 1884 and some believed that this is punishment had happened for its deceptive resemblance to the imperial palace in Beijing. In the 1902, current building was inaugurated, therefore, somewhat modest, and is nevertheless very impressive for the visitors. The building consists of a splendid hall, decorated with fine carvings and ornaments, which show all the initials of the most famous master craftsmen, who were specifically committed for the construction of China.

The St. George Church - Penang:
It is one of the most interesting buildings in Georgetown and was inaugurated in the year of 1818. It is named after the St. George, patron saint of Great Britain. In the lobby of this Anglican Church is the Memorial for Captain Francis Light, founder of the city.

The Sri Mariamman Temple – Penang:
This Hindu temple was built in 1883 and shows fascinating God figures above the main entrance as on the facade. Inside is a statue of the God Subramaniam, which is decorated rich with gold, silver, diamonds and emeralds. In the annual parade on the occasion of the Thaipusam Hindu festival, the statue is carried in the procession through the entire city up to the temple in the Jalan Warerfall, where the other ceremonies are held. The temple is the open early in morning until night. Always ask the temple servants for permission to enter the temple. A small donation will be accepted as a nice gesture.

The Penang Museum and Art Gallery:
These facilities are located in the famous Lebuh Farquhar area in the city of Georgetown. They show exhibits for the development of Penang and also give a good insight into its varied long history. The museum is located in the building of the former Penang Free School, which was built in 1821 and up to the present served as a schoolhouse.

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