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Understandably isolated from the rest of the world, the Myanmar formally known as Burma is in the iron grip of complete despots, thus traveling here presents an ethical challenge. Most tourists avoid it, supporting the boycott. The Burmese people, however, have all the qualities that those in power don't have. They are kind, gentle, curious, intelligent, and want to do whatever they can for a better future for their country. Visiting here is like going back in time to an Asia of an earlier era. There's no internet available, the roads are potholed, the ancient busses moan, and the locals invite you into their homes. It's also a country which is deeply spiritual, where holy men are highly revered and giant golden Buddha statues are given daily baths.

"It is quite unlike any place you know about," wrote Kipling of Burma, and he was certainly right in his assessment. More than one hundred years later, the country is still a world away. Only here will you see betel-chewing old ladies with red juice dripping down their chins, or a golden rock tottering on the edge of a cliff, or monks who teach their cats to jump. In Mandalay, a Buddha is recovered in gold leaf every single day. You can also go down the Ayeyarwady River in an old river steamer, or trek through forests to visit villages of Karan people.

At Inle Lake, you'll find a world of floating gardens, villages on stilts and ancient stupas (monumental piles of earth in memory of Buddha). Here, mountains rise up right beside the misty lake in what looks like a scene from a painting. You can rent canoes or bikes here, or hike on trails through the countryside. The people who inhabit the area, the Intha, are known for leg rowing. There's also a monastery at Inle Lake — the place where monks teach their cats to jump. Many people coming to Inle Lake expecting to spend a day and end up staying a week or more. And if you plan your visit for September or October, you'll be able to see the Phaung Daw U Festival which is followed by the Thadingut Festival, one of the country's most popular events. If you go to the lake in January, remember some warm clothes as it gets cool at night in January and February.

Yahgon is another must-see. This is a diverse city, home to Burmese, Chinese, Indians, Western expats, Shan and Mon. The Nobel Peace Prize winner Aung San Suu Kyi is under house arrest here, and General Than Shwe supposedly comes here every weekend, escaping the far less interesting new capital of Naypyidaw.

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