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Sitting like a crumpled blanket along the highest mountains in the world, Nepal is a land of both icy cold peaks and boiling heat from the plains of India. The country has some of the world's finest trekking in the Kathmandu Valley where you can hike for days on end without a tent. It's not just the famous mountaineers who trek to Everest Base Camp these days. Now it’s possible for anyone in shape to do it too. Besides trekking, you can also try first class white water rafting, mountain biking and kayaking in Nepal, and if you're lucky, catch sight of a rhino or tiger in Chitwan National Park. In the mountains, you are likely to see yetis and yaks, and everyone enjoys Kathmandu, Bhaktapur and Patan for their friendliness, arts, culture, temples, and amazing array of cafes, restaurants and guest houses.

Nepal is one of the world's poorest countries but those who visit almost unanimously agree that it's one of the most friendly and enchanting place they've ever been and many people come back over and over again.

One of Nepal's highlights is Pokhara, the second largest tourist town in Nepal. This is the city at the very end of the renowned Annapurna Trek and it's also the beginning of several different treks throughout the Annapurna Range, such as Jomsom Trek and the trek to the Annapurna Sanctuary. Pokhara tends to get a lot of tourists but with the awesome setting it's understandable. Look out your window and you'll see snowcapped peaks in every direction and at the bottom of the mountains, a misty lake. The town is well stocked for all your mountain trekking needs and it's also the place to find a Sherpa for hire to help you carry your tent and bags if you desire. For those returning from a trek, Pokhara has inviting restaurants full of a huge variety of food, especially appealing after weeks on the trails with only rice and daal at every meal. The town also has museums, waterfalls, caves and some fascinating Tibetan villages nearby to explore.

It's advised that you visit a travel agent while in Pokhara. They are well versed in every trek going to suit whatever your needs are, and can offer a huge variety of not only trekking adventures but also jungle safaris, rafting trips, and paragliding excursions.

October and November is the best time of the year to visit Nepal since this is the start of the country's dry season. At this time, the monsoon will have just finished and everything will be vibrant green. The weather is still balmy but not too cold. Spring, from March to May, is also an ideal time to visit.

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