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For off amidst the seas in Southeast Asia in the quaint archipelago of Philippines- the country which is loved by tourists for centuries and promises to satisfy the thirst for travel. Beautiful beaches, sundry lanes, lovely landscapes, grand locations and a big bunch of heritage sites- its all inside the country called Philippines. This Philippines travel guide provides tourism and travel information about the country, and makes it easy to enjoy your vacation with travel tips and ideas.

Located in Southeast Asia, this island country is actually an archipelago of 7,107 big and small islands studded strategically between the South China Sea and the Philippines Sea. The country boasts of having the longest running coastline in the world, adding up the sea borders of all the constituent islands together. The Philippine land border is not shared with any other nation, but its territorial waters extend up to Vietnam, Borneo and Sabah. Philippines has a very interesting history. A story of invasions by foreign invaders from Spain, china, Japan, Malaysia, India, Indonesia, Thailand and some Arabic countries. Even today, you can feel the presence of the influence of all those cultures mixed homogenously with the Filipino identity.

Manila, the capital city, is the heart and soul of the country. With almost every modern amenity provided by the city, it is supposed to be one of the most populated cities in the world. It is a strong political and social hub and is starting point for tourists in Philippines. It has more than one hundred public parks, all of them being avenues of nature's bountiful offerings.

There are few more important cities in Philippines like Bacolod, the city of smiles, famous for the Masskara festival as well as popular for its Chicken Inasal, a really enjoyable offering of the city. Next in line is Cebu, better known as the 'Queen City of the South'<s, mostly visited by tourists for its exotic spas and resorts along the fine sandy beaches and a host of adventure water sports in the deep blue seas around the city.

Vigan, the old Spanish town with beautiful colonial buildings, a world heritage site, gives you an opportunity to live the past. Davao city's Durians are a must to taste and a Cagayan de Oro city (the City of Golden Friendship), a paradise for those who like to go for a rafting expedition, are two more place one should not miss while in Philippines.

There are innumerable tourist attractions and things to do in Philippines that beckon travellers to reveal the mystical beauty and soothe their senses with their natural charm. The best tourist destination in Philippines is perhaps Banaue, where you would find rice terraces as old as 2000 years, declared by UNESCO as world heritage site. Togaytay is a place to have a cool retreat from the chaos of urban rattle. It has a number of historical places to visit as well as the majestic Mt.Taal with cooler surroundings. Other than these places, Boracay, Donsal, Palwan, Sabang, Malapasua, Camarines Sur and Puerto Galera are beautiful beaches with fine silky sand, amazing water sports and an extraordinary collection of flora and fauna.

The Filipino cuisine is a fusion of Chinese, Spanish, Malay, American and European food styles. The food served over here is tasty and relishing, although it is a bit less spicy than the food available in other neighbouring countries. Famous Filipino dishes to savour are Kaknin, Puto, Pancit, Adobo, Silog, Siomai & Buko Pie, just to name a few. What comes to mind after food in Philippines is shopping, a world class experience with three of the world's largest shopping malls located in the heart of the country. You can buy things like Pinya embroidried cloth, handmade jewellery, footwear, shells and different varieties of mats for a delightful shopping spree.

You have more than enough accommodation options over here, like hotels, motels, condotels, apartelles and pension houses. Getting into Philippines is very convenient for foreigners since threre are international airports in 8 major cities. Once you land in this magical country, you’ll have everything on demand. Just snap your fingers and get indulged in luxury. 

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