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After traveling through other parts of Asia and arriving in Singapore, most travelers are pleasantly surprised and relieved. This city/country is superbly clean in a way that no other part of South East Asia is. It's also safe, air-conditioned, efficient and extremely disciplined. (No spitting on the street or gum chewing allowed here!)

Except for the strict rules which many find a bit oppressive, these other facts make Singapore a highly desirable place to visit. The airport is your first clue that things are a little different here. The super modern Singapore Airport is one of the cleanest and best in the world. A tree-lined expressway zips you away from there to a super-efficient subway and train line. This is a world away from the smog and pollution of cities in Indonesia, for example, or Kuala Lumpur to the north. Take a walk down Orchard Road and be amazed at the fashion models in the windows, or try some Chinese food in Chinatown and an all natural Indian ice cream cone two blocks away in Little India. Singapore also has green and lush parks, practically unheard of in this part of the world, and they're clean, well-kept and well-used by people of all ages. Crime is almost unknown here, as is poverty. Singapore truly has a lot going for it.

If all this sounds too clean, efficient and bland for your tastes, there is another side to this city. There are also nightclubs where young people dance the night away, martini bars, Irish pubs, and of course, the Raffles Hotel, made famous in the novels of Somerset Maugham for its colonial grandeur. Here you can drink afternoon tea or beer on white whicker chairs on the verandah and chat with the guests.

The mix of cultures in Singapore is also unique. In this small space, you'll find Chinese, Muslim Malaysians, and Indians all getting along, often working together in modern day commerce. This mix of cultures also means Singapore is loaded with world class restaurants. Food has been called Singapore's number one obsession, with the number two obsession — shopping — close behind. Singapore's boutiques on Orchard Road are full of extravagance, but if you're looking for something less expensive than designer labels, you can find bargains on electronics and clothes, antiques and more if you keep going further down the road.

Other than shopping and eating, Singapore also has some adventurous activities to try, such as mountain biking, waterskiing on the Kallang River, or leopard watching on a night safari at Singapore Zoo. Finally, the middle of the island of Singapore surprisingly still has rainforest with monkeys and other wildlife there for the spotting.

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