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South Korea- a glamorous country with a huge bundle of offerings for tourists- is a place where your search for solace and pleasure would seem to stop. The country has a very sophisticated look around it and allures travelers to explore the numerous advantages of the tourism industry.

South Korea, the southern part of the Korean peninsula, is located in east Asia. Towards its north, it has North Korea and towards the west and southeast of the country lie China and Japan, both separated by sea water. The South Korean history is an enumerated saga, stretching right from the prehistoric nomadic age to the invasions by neighboring foreign countries and finally independence after being separated from main land Korea.

Seoul, the multi-faceted city, is the capital of South Korea since six hundred years. The dynamic city is an inspirational mix of ancient values and modern times. As of today, Seoul is one of the most developed cities in the world and it is also becoming popular as a giant tourist hub. After Seoul, tourists can head their journey to Busan, which boasts of being a major port as well as the second largest city area wise in South Korea.

There are so many cities in South Korea which have become noted landmarks in the travel circuit in the country. One of them is Jeonja, a city known for its huge museums and places of historical importance. It was once a centre of spiritual activities during the rule of Joseon Dynasty. Another beautiful city in South Korea is Chuncheon, a place which rests in lap of mountains and rivers. This city is very popular for its signature local dishes like 'makguksu' and 'dakgalbi'. Daegu, Incheon, Daejeon, Gyeongju and Guangju are some more cities to travel in South Korea.  

The country has innumerable destinations which attracts tourists from far off countries. The city of Leosu has been rewarded with exceptional natural beauty. You can enjoy watching the sunset at the Dolsan Bridge and cruise along the sea to visit the islands located inside the Hallyeo oceanic park. Boseong is a tranquil region with lots of woods and greenery. It has exotic green tea plantations and is home to number of spas, where you can relax your body and sip some fresh grown green tea alongside. The Seoraksan National Park in South Korea is a must-see place. It is the best national park in the country and the most liked tourist destination as well. Panmunjom- the site of cold war, Somae muldo Island- a breathtaking beautiful place, Ulleungdo Island, Andong village- a place which follows Confusian values and the Jindo province- famous for its annual spectacle of the parting of the sea. The Jeju Island- made from volcano, are the places a traveler must definitely pay a visit when on a South Korea tour.

Korean cuisine is one thing which visitors can never forget in their lifetime. With an interesting mix of chilies, garlic & spices, Korean food is the delight for the taste buds. A typical Korean meal consists of rice, soup, which means side-dish, like Kimchi, dried fish, doenjang, Kongnamul and many more. Also try out some regional delicacies like dakgalbi and gochujang. Korean street food is also a nice retreat.

Shopping is always on the cards when you happen to be anywhere in South Korea. The country's most valuable offering is 'Ginseng'- a medicinal herb used in the treatment of many ailments and also used in making bio-cosmetics these days. There are two ways to shop in South Korea. One is the street market kind of shopping, where you can get almost everything at affordable rates and the other way round is in posh uptown malls studded inside the metros. You'll only have to shell out a few extra bucks in South Korea than in other Asian countries. Staying in the country is quite expensive in the luxury hotels and resorts. You can also go in for cheaper options in accommodation as well.

South Korea has seven international airports; some of them are really well-equipped with the latest facilities for passengers. A trip to this stunning place is a good idea for tourists planning to spend a fun-filled and relieving vacation. Get to learn martial arts like Taekwondo and binge on traditional Korean food. It's all worth a try.

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