A City Guide to Kaohsiung, Taiwan
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Kaohsiung travel guide

Kaohsiung is a fantastic city to visit. The second largest city on the island of Taiwan, it is fast becoming one of the most popular places to visit when you are travelling in East Asia. For many years Kaohsiung has unfortunately been neglected, but her recent development has seen her tourism industry take flight.

When you arrive in Kaohsiung you will need a city guide so that you are guaranteed to see everything. There are many things to do in Kaohsiung and the local people will be happy to help you with any arrangements to be made. The fourth largest port in the world, Kaohsiung’s harbour and beaches makes for wonderful relaxation time and guarantees that your seafood is the freshest you will ever taste.

One of the most popular cultural attractions to visit in Kaohsiung is the British Consulate at Takou. A popular hang-out for locals, this magnificent building dates back to 1865 and cannot be missed – literally, the red bricked building catches your eye instantaneously. As it is situated 70 meters above the harbour, just watching the ships sail in and out makes for a pleasant way to unwind.

Just left of the consulate you will discover a tiny temple complex. Although small in size, it certainly is big in terms of beauty and character. What makes this temple unique is that the two statues of gods inside are not Taiwanese or even Chinese... they are Dutch. This is due to the fact that some Dutch military officers were so respected or awed in terms of their strength that they were later deified and were honoured in temples.

If you head to the Tsoying District you will find Lotus Pond. The pond is a place of serenity and peace and dotted along its banks are around twenty different temples, each adding to the quiet ambience. At night, lights are lit giving it not only a modern feel, but a contemporary grace and beauty.

As a port city, Kaohsiung is famous for her stunning beaches. If you are looking for a place to relax on the sands or taking a dip, then head for Hsitzuwan Beach. Calmer than other local beaches such as Cijian, with the mountains as the perfect background, sunset is absolutely breathtaking and you may have to remind yourself that you are not in heaven itself.

When you need to get your body moving head to Chaishan Nature Reserve; this stunning 1000 hectare reserve is famous for being home to a number of macaque – but be warned, sometimes the monkeys will try and run off with your camera!

Seafood is the most popular fare here and restaurants in Kaohsiung do some magical things with all the different creatures that come out of the ocean. There are a wide variety of traditional Taiwanese dishes for you to sample, each one more delicious than the last.

Hotels in Kaohsiung vary in size and price and foreigners should have no difficulty in booking into the cheaper options if you wish. Luxury hotels can be quite expensive and the boutique accommodations are fresh and comfortable.

Kaohsiung is a fabulous place to spend some time in. It has been on the up and coming lists of most travel guides and the time is now to visit this marvellous port city.

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