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A country in the heart of Asia enveloped with stunningly beautiful mountains and historic monuments. The ancient cities of a lost world through which the Silk Route passed and a fairly blended culture to witness. We are talking about Tajikistan, the majorly Islamic country in Central Asia, which has been gaining popularity these days in the traveler’s circuit. Explore this Asian country with our Tajikistan travel guide providing tourism and travel information for destinations in the country.

Being a landlocked country, Tajikistan is surrounded by China to its east, Kyrgyzstan to its north, Afghanistan to its south and Uzbekistan to its west and northwest. Tajikistan was once a part of the Soviet Union, owing to which the Russian influence can be felt in every nook and corner of the nation even today. It got independence in 1991 and soon after that, a civil war broke out in the country, which had an immensely negative impact on the nation’s economy, leaving it to be one of the poorest countries in Central Asia. As of today, Tajikistan is slowly progressing and is on its way to gain popularity among tourists looking for a quiet, relaxing vacation.

The country’s capital is Dushanbe, the largest city and the center of political, cultural and economic development. Khujand and Kulob are two more important cities with respect to administrative functions. While Istravshan is an old city famous for its marvelous Abdullatif Mosque and Madrassah, Isfara is another ancient city on the Silk Road, located inside the picturesque Ferghana Valley, alongside other cities like Konibodom & Khorugh. Tursunzoda, better known as the aluminium town, and Qurghonteppa, the place where the civil war was initiated, are two more remarkable cities in Tajikistan.

Since the country is located amidst the wide mountain ranges, the best offering for tourists coming here is probably hiking and trekking as well as climbing. The best place to visit in Tajikistan is the Pamir Mountain Range, with the highest mountain peak as tall as 4500 meters. Another favorite place for adventurous travelers is the Zeravshan Valley, where you can avail the opportunity of climbing and trekking on the Fan Mountains. A true gem located in Tajikistan is Lake Karakol, full of pristine beauty and crystal clear water, an ideal picnic spot. Tourists must also make it a point to visit the border town of Penjikent to have a look at an ancient city’s ruins.

After so much of travelling, you would definitely need a break with a nice meal, and you can get one in Tajikistan, where almost every other dish is made from meat. Of course, there are a few options available for those who are holistically vegetarian as well. The cuisine of this country is a fusion of Pakistani, Afghanistan and Russian culinary influences. Plov, Shashlik, Sambusa, Jiz-biz, Tushbera soup, Mantu, Dolma, Shurba & Khash are some of the famous delicacies in Tajikistan. Green tea is widely consumed, as also Compote, a kind of fruit punch. It is however advisable to avoid eating street food over here, since it might be somewhat unhygienic.

You can have a good round of shopping in Tajikistan, with the best buy in the markets being the Tajik coat along with a sash and a hat. The ensemble is well padded from inside to provide protection from the cold weather. Dushanbe’s Sunday Car Market is a place where you can crack a good deal to buy expensive luxury cars like Land Cruiser and Mercedes Benz. Another nice thing to buy in a Tajik market is definitely carpets and rugs, which carry a brand label of quality.

If you are planning to stay in Dushanbe, you can accommodate yourself in plush hotels like the Hyatt Regency. In other cities, small hotels, ACTED home stays and guesthouses are the best options in accommodation. There are regular flights from the country’s capital to the neighboring countries. A few major cities of the world also have direct flights to Tajikistan. For travelers coming from the rest of the world, convenient connecting flights are always available.

So when you are tired of your workload and wish to spend some time relaxing by yourself, buy a ticket to Tajikistan. Come here to lose yourself in the mountains, get swayed in the ancient heirlooms and fly back home with a bundle of memories.

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