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What could be like a dream destination for a perfect holiday? Lying lazily on the beaches, having a soothing body massage, going for endless hours of shopping, savoring the best recipes in the world, experiencing the thrills of water adventure sports, are all great ideas in tourism that any traveler would love to have for himself. Thailand tourism promises to offer such a fabulous package, all that you can ever dream about. This Thailand travel guide is the place where you can explore this exotic country with online tourism and travel information including travel tips, advice and ideas. You can also find information about Thailand hotels, restaurants, tourist attractions, and tours on this guide.

Thailand is a Southeast Asian country located on the coasts of the Gulf of Thailand and the Andaman Sea and surrounded by Laos to the northeast, Myanmar to the northwest, Malaysia to the south and Cambodia to the southeast. Thailand has been ruled by powerful kingdoms in the past. This country is proud to declare that it is the only Southeast Asian country that has never been colonized by any foreign invader.

Thailand is a traveler's paradise and is the most visited tourist destination in the world. Thailand has everything, from tourist hotspots, beaches, jungle safaris, nightlife to shopping & water sports and it is literally impossible to find a single traveler who has not been satisfied over here.

Bangkok is the national capital and one of the busiest and sprawling cities in the world. Eye-catching places to visit, tall skyscrapers, modern infrastructure and grand uptown malls make this city look like a gem on a crown. After rolling in the glitter of Bangkok, travelers mostly head towards Pattaya, a hugely famous t tourist hub, known for its beautiful beaches and extravagant nightlife.

Thailand also has some of the most treasured historical sites to name, the city of Ayutthaya being one among them. This place has also been declared as a world heritage site by the UNESCO. Some more places in Thailand where you could find archaeological ruins of the ancient era are Surat Thani and Sukhothai, which was also the country's first capital. Kanchanaburi, Chiang Rai, Chiang Mai and Khorat (Nakhon Ratchasima) are some other cities which are included in a Thailand tour.

Thailand is a place where you would find the most exotic islands, so immensely mesmerizing that you would feel it is like paradise on earth. Some of the best islands lined with beautiful beaches are at Phuket and Krabi. Both of these destinations are grabbing eyeballs of visitors worldwide and are a must-see in Thailand. The beaches on these lovely islands are an ideal spot for relaxing, sunbathing, water-sports and a unique place to party at night. Some more island beaches include Ko Chang, Ko Samet, Ko Lipe, Ko Samui & Ko Pha Ngan. You can enjoy water-sports like scuba diving, surfing, snorkeling and live-aboard diving over here for the most fun-filled moments in your life. Another interesting thing to do in Thailand is to go on a Jungle Safari in a jeep and spot some real wild animals roaming around freely. The Khao Yai National Park and the Khao Sok National Park are the wildlife reserves which offer you this opportunity.

What comes next to mind is the exotic Thai food, loved by millions across the globe for its unique taste. Some of the finger-licking great dishes over here are Phat Thai (Noodles), Kaeng Khio-Waan (Thai green curry), Som tam (papaya salad), Khao Phat (Fried rice), Khanom (Cookies) and still many more to list. You would also love to do shopping in Thailand, as much as you would love to eat. The country is truly a shopper's paradise and Bangkok has got some of the best shopping malls in the world. Thailand is also famous among tourists for its bizarre night markets and the extravagant Chatuchak weekend market, the world's largest one of its kind. You can shop for things like clothes, perfumes, Thai silk and handicraft articles.

Thailand is connected to almost every corner of the world by air, and once you come here, you can find accommodation for yourself according to your budget. It is always better that you book your hotel reservations well in advance. A trip to this beautiful country can certainly be very rewarding. Don't think twice, just set out on a long vacation.

For more information on Thailand maps, accommodation, transportation, tours...etc. you can consult any of the tourist information centre in the country.

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