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Reports of pristine white sand beaches and crystal blue oceans in reference to Thailand frequently point travellers in the direction of the famous beach resort community of Hua Hin. The region has a population of just over eighty four thousand residents and was historically favoured by Thai royalty as the ultimate vacation spot. This led to them building a group of palaces (Sukaves) there.

The tropical climate of Hua Hin is favoured by most travellers and the region experiences highly humid conditions with minimal rain. The temperately cool season lasts from November to February and the hottest months are from March to May. The official rainy season of Hua Hin begins in June and ends in October but the moderated tropical environment sees very little rain and when rainfall does occur it tends to be heavy but brief.

There are a number of great places to visit whilst on vacation in Hua Hin. The Railway Hotel (also known as The Sofitel Hotel) is a popular attraction as it was used in the filming of "The Killing Fields" a 1984 British drama written by Bruce Robinson about the reign of the Khmer Rouge in Cambodia. The Spirit Houses of Brassiere Beach are of particular interest to female tourists. According to folklore a beautiful daughter who desired too many suitors was torn to pieces by her frustrated father who had promised her to two Kings. The legend states that her breasts fell into the waters and the villagers and local fisherman in sympathy after her death built houses where brassieres would be hung to appease her and bring them good luck. Another popular choice is the Pa La-u Waterfall which is located approximately sixty kilometers west of the town of Hua Hin and features an epic eleven tier waterfall and stunning flora and local bird life.

The most convenient means of transit within Hua Hin is the transit rail system which links directly to the southern rail route of Bangkok. The city also offers a small domestic airport although this is mainly reserved for private flights. Automobile travel to Bangkok is just under three hours depending on traffic and weather conditions and is possibly the best way to travel to the city. Once in Hua Hin the best way of travelling around is on foot or by songthaew. Prices are cheap compared to other beach resorts in Thailand.

Tourists who choose to travel to Hua Hin for a holiday will be spoilt for choice as far as accommodation is concerned. There are numerous options to choose from including guest houses, hostels and luxury hotels. Popular hotel and resort accommodations include the Baan Bayan Beachfront Hotel, the opulent Hua Hin Marriott Resort & Spa and the Hilton Hua Hin Resort & Spa.

Hua Hin is a fantastic place for a holiday. The whole place has a truly relaxed feel to it and will prepare you nicely for the hustle and bustle of Bangkok!

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