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Nonthaburi is one of the highest durian producing countries in the world. This large and delicious fruit grows well in the area despite being native to Indonesia. This province lies next to the Chao Phraya River which runs through the middle of the country making it part of the most populated areas in Thailand. This river is huge and plays an integral role in the everyday lives of the Thai people.

Despite the fact that the inhabitants of Nonthaburi are often poor, there are some amazing facilities for tourists to see the area and experience Thai cuisine at its finest. One of the most highly rated restaurants' in the area is Suan Thip Baan Chao Praya, which is also an extremely popular wedding reception venue for people from around the world to enjoy. Nonthaburi originally fell under the Krung Thep area but regained its independence in 1946 and has since taken its own route in terms of governance. The province is very close to the countries capitol, Bangkok. Because it is near the central business district, you will be able to enjoy city life whilst still experiencing the culture, cuisine and everyday hustle and bustle of the locals.

Whilst there is always something to see and do in Nonthaburi, it is best to enjoy the province during the months of March and July. You will find that the warmth will be the best way to get out and enjoy the river and its surroundings. You can also get some great deals at this time as most people travel to Nonthaburi over the festive season. You will also be able to experience a more authentic setting as the locals are less aware of tourism during these months. The climate is comfortable but there is a rainy season which may put a dampner on your holiday towards the end of July. However, any time of year can be made magical with the right attitude and knowledge.

The best way to travel around Nonthaburi is by car. There are taxis that are able to take you wherever you wish to go and operate on the same system as in westernised countries with the only difference being a few extra dashboard ornaments. Buses are also an extremely effective way to get around and the popularity of buses has also helped to reduce traffic in the area. The Bangkok Mass Transit Authority (BMTA) connects Bangkok to Nonthaburi and you will be able to find countless buses along that line all the way up to the city.

There are some amazing attractions that are guaranteed to suit all personality types in Nonthaburi. If you are an animal-lover, you could visit the McCarthy Wildlife Centre and view animals like Asian panthers, white lions and cougars. You could also try the Wak Chompuwek which is a museum in Thambon Thai Sai. Here you will find local artworks and histories. One of the most popular and well known activities when travelling to Thailand is the full moon party. If you stay in Nonthaburi, you can easily get to the little island of Ko Phangan to enjoy the all-night beach party on the evening's of a full moon. The party has a reputation of being a crazy all-night affair but has some amazing selling points like fire dancing, alcohol buckets and an amazing atmosphere. There are also festivals to enjoy like The Mon Song Kran Festival, The Mon Classical Dance Festival and of course, a variety of fruit festivals and fares held in the city centre of Nonthaburi.

There are a variety of hotels (of various accreditations) that can provide luxurious accommodation for the duration of your stay. The franchises are your safest option as you will have some idea of what to expect and also because they cater towards Western visitors. One of the best hotels to go to is the Rich hotel in Nacornin road. It is a three star hotel so it won't be too expensive but you will also be able to enjoy your trip in comfort. Nonthaburi is a fantastic place to visit on a holiday in Thailand, there is much to see and do and it is also an ideal place to stop for a night or two when travelling to other areas of the country.

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