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The name Phuket is taken from the word Bukit which means hill. The name is fitting because of the green and serene look of the place. Tin mining used to be a common occupation in the area and there are still remnants of this old trade. The most appealing side of Phuket is the coast. The beaches are beautiful and Thailand's climate and reasonable prices will make it a holiday to remember. In Phuket you can get optimal views by taking the mountain roads to experience some of the tourist gems like the elephant safari. Many people also enjoy trying different waters sports and cocktails complete with a sea view! Phuket is a great place to relax yet still engage with eastern culture and spirituality.

Winter in Phuket is like the summer anywhere else so it pays to go during that time (especially to avoid the scorching heat of the summer months). It is however warm throughout the year which means that you will still be comfortable and can still partake in activities involving the beach and the outdoors. The high season generally runs over the Christmas and New Year holiday so this is when you will find a number of tourists and possible travelling companions as well as higher prices. However, any time of year should be sufficient as long as you can deal with soaring temperatures and short bursts of rain.

Getting around in Phuket doesn't have to mean making your peace with bicycles and rickshaws although this is an effective and charming way to travel. You also have a variety of taxis, tuk tuks and motorbikes to travel on. The drivers of these vehicles can be somewhat unreliable in Phuket though, and if you find yourself alone in a tuk tuk or songthaew you will pay more than if you share with other travellers. Other options include renting a car or a jeep (but you must be in possession of a valid international driver's licence in order to do so).

Phuket has a number of amazing sites that need to be seen on your holiday! There are some incredible performances which showcase the rich history of the land but you can also see first class cabarets and traditional Thai performances. Be sure to head to Patong Beach where the nightlife is at its best. It has a very eccentric scene with a variety of people in local bars, clubs and pubs. There are a number of transvestites that put on shows in the venues down Bangla road. This may not be for everybody but is certainly something to experience if you get the chance. If you would like a more traditional experience you can visit one of the numerous temples in the area. You will probably be able to see them from your hotel room but it is worth taking the trip up to the Nakkerd Hills to see the Big Buddha and the heritage site nearby.

Whilst on holiday in Phuket there are a number of hotels and resorts that will appreciate your business so you will have many options when deciding on where you are going to stay. One of the most magical is the Courtyard Patong which costs about 2000 Thai Baht ($66) for a standard room. This is fairly costly but the hotel is beautiful and very luxurious. You could also try the Katathani Puket or the Seaview Patong Hotel. Phuket is a fantastic beach resort with much on offer. It has increased in popularity since the Tsunami a few years back although it has to be given some credit of its own – a holiday in Phuket is sure to be brilliant!

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