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There are "Dos and DON'Ts" on Thai culture. One rule among many is that you should show respect by dressing properly when visiting important and sacred places such as temples, palaces, and state offices. Men should wear trousers and women should wear long skirt. Therefore, wearing shorts, sleeveless tops, divided skirts, Bermuda shorts, tights, or even ragged pants, and flip-flops are considered as "DON'Ts." Moreover, when entering an assembly hall, you should take your hats off; when sitting or standing in the hall, never point your feet to a Buddha image or a monk. Most importantly, it is strictly forbidden for women to have direct physical contact with monks.

Just follow these simple rules and you might be pleasantly surprised how much you can enjoy your time in Thailand and how friendly you will be treated like a local.

For more information you can consult any of the Thailand tourist information centre.

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