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Nestled in the South Pacific Ocean, American Samoa is part of the famous Samoan Islands chain and is made up of seven beautiful islands that include Tutuila, Manu’a, and Swains. With its magnificent beaches with their crystal clear blue waters, lush tropical rainforests with diverse flora and fauna, and magnificent mountains and towering cliffs, American Samoa is indeed the perfect place to enjoy and explore nature, catch a glimpse of scenic views, visit breathtaking destinations, and do a variety of outdoor activities. This American Samoa travel guide provides information about country's tourism, hotels, tourist attractions, restaurants, activities, and travel tips to make your visit an easy and enjoyable one.

Among the American Samoa islands, Tutuila is the largest and the most populated one. The island is home to Pago Pago, American Samoa’s capital and top attraction. Known for its stunning deep water, which is actually a collapsed volcanic crater, Pago Pago is considered one of the world’s most remote and uncluttered islands. With its magnificent mountain ridges, utterly beautiful reefs and beaches, captivating mountain views, peaceful bays, and of course the ever friendly, accommodating, and charming people, tourists are in for some fun and one-of-kind vacation experience. From swimming and snorkeling to camping and trekking, to sightseeing, there are a lot of activities that they can do in Pago Pago.

Just about 100 kilometers away from Tutuila is the island of Manu’a. The island has the best American Samoa resorts with their picturesque beaches that are lined with coconut trees. In Ofu beach, for instance, tourists are sure to get captivated with the coral-filled turquoise waters and get a glimpse of the enormous mountains and cliffs with birds constantly flying across them. Nothing but peace and quiet is to be expected from the beautiful island of Manu’a.

Another top attraction is the Samoa National Park. This park is a natural habitat that is primarily made up of lagoons and volcanic cliffs. It houses diverse species of tropical plants, birds, and other wildlife. The park has two walking trails: the Mt. Alava three-mile trail and the Pola Island trail, perfect for those who are into hiking and trekking.

To get to American Samoa and experience this so-called unsung paradise, tourists won’t have a hard time at all as they can choose from the six flights that are scheduled daily from the airport of Apia (Western Samoa). Tourists can expect an estimated travel time of about 40 minutes to reach Pago Pago airport from Apia. Even direct international flights from Hawaii may only take more or less 40 minutes.

When it comes to accommodation, there aren’t any large American Samoa hotels, but there sure are small beach bungalows and guesthouses that can also provide topnotch service. Although there are also good hotels in the island, many of them are located in the main town of Pago Pago and cater mostly to businessmen and, at times, occasional travelers.

Weather in American Samoa is favorable to various outdoor activities throughout the year. The best time to visit the island though is during the dry season, which starts from May to October. December and January, however, are considered the island’s peak seasons so for those looking to visit during these months, it’s best to book in advance.

For further information (regarding American Samoa map, islands and getting around...etc) consult with any tourist information center in the country.

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