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The Australians know Adelaide as the City of Churches because of its impressive collection of stately and ornate cathedrals and religious edifices, some of which date back to the mid 19th century. But whilst these - along with Adelaide's fascinating museums - provide interest for the culturally-minded, Adelaide tourism has so much more. Check any Adelaide travel guide and you will see there is something for everyone - and it is happening all the time.

The city itself is delightful to explore. Its variegated skyline shows its cultural diversity yet it is a city which displays considerable artistic harmony. The city centre with its elegant, wide streets is fringed by lush parkland, creating a buzzing core of activity and excitement.  Lively cafes, restaurants, markets, malls festivals and exhibitions co-exist in perfectly agreeable concord.

You could be forgiven for thinking yourself in the Mediterranean when you relax on any of Adelaide's numerous beaches, though these are cleaner and purer than most found in the Med! The most scenic beach areas are Aldinga, Maslin and Moana in the Glenelg area of Adelaide whose long, golden sandy stretches yawn down to the crystalline waters of the Southern Ocean. Along with Brighton, Henley and Seacliff, they are meccas for sunbathing, swimming, snorkelling.

Beachside restaurants, cafes and wine bars offer daylong hospitality and barbeque and picnic areas, regularly monitored for safety by special beach inspectors, make them dawn 'til dusk pleasure grounds for the whole family. Factor in the Mediterranean climate and you can want for little more. Except of course a surfing experience to remember! Boomer, Mponga, Waitpinga, Parsons and West Beach boast strong tidal currents and high waves and breakers which make them irresistible to surfers. 

A life-long dream for many is to swim with dolphins and with Adelaide being a world-famous dolphin sanctuary, a catamaran or kayak tour of the clear coastal waters can transform this dream into a reality. Port Elliot's Boomer Beach is also a great place in winter to watch the fabulous spectacle of migrating humpback whales, which can be seen from the shoreline. 

To truly appreciate Australia's natural beauties, a trip to the amazing Kangaroo Island is essential. A 2-3 hour cruise of the island will allow a taste of all this astonishing wilderness has to offer; from exploring the underground calcite formations for intrepid cavers at Kelly Hill Caves, to sand-boarding or tobogganing through Little Sahara's sand dunes. Emu Bay Lavender and Emu Ridge eucalyptus distillery take you into the aromatic worlds of essential oils, while Rookery Wines offer an entirely different sensory experience, as do outdoor paintballing, quad bike or horse-back tours. And no visit to any part of Australia would be quite complete without a sheep shearing demonstration, or a peek at Australia's cutest inhabitants in Kangaroo Island's koala bear sanctuary.

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