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'Think Darwin, think crocodile territory,' is what many Australians say when you ask them about the capital city of Australia's Northern Territory. It sits on the northern tip of the country, on the Timor Sea and enjoys a climate dictated by just two seasons: wet and dry. These fall roughly between October and April, when the weather is hot and humid and prone to frequent, dramatic, tropical storms and the remainder of the year when the weather tops everyone's idea of perfection. If you are planning a visit to Australia's Northern Territory, our Darwin travel guide will hopefully answer many of your tourism and travel questions.

The first thing you will want to prove is whether Darwin lives up to its reputation as croc territory. Several crocodile farms and parks like Crocosaurus Cove, Crocodylus Park and Darwin Crocodile Farm exist to allow you to get up close and probably rather too personal for many tastes to adult crocs and their babies; not to mention several other scary reptilian species. But if you are brave enough, you can dine on the story for years to come!

Darwin is an eco-lovers' paradise and tours and cruises all around its balmy, shallow waters provide a truly unforgettable educational experience. You can explore mangrove swamps and follow the fascinating progress of giant flat back sea turtles to their hatching ground and then watch (and maybe even assist) the new hatchlings as they scurry down to the sea with so little time to spare. 

There is a host of marine life to be explored in the shallow waters and mangrove swamps around Darwin and if you still thirst for more, the Indo Pacific Marine has a completely self-sufficient indoor reef eco system which is truly fascinating to observe; and at Aquascene you will have the opportunity to wander into the shallow waters and feed the fish from your own hands, although opening times for this are based around tidal movements and therefore vary.

Swim in the invigorating natural springs; explore the nature trails of Berry Springs Nature Park or take in the cool, leafy walks and landscaped delights of the Botanic Gardens which is within walking distance of the city centre. Take a picnic with you, but do be careful where you set this down as you may find uninvited lunch guests of the six and eight legged variety joining you!

But Darwin isn't all about closeness to nature. It has a throbbing nightclub scene, pubs, street theatre and musical performances and even whip-cracking lessons on offer. Its international cuisine is diverse and extremely adventurous and if your close encounter with the crocodiles left you wondering what the beasties taste like, Darwin is certainly the place to find out! There are also art galleries and museums and of course some excellent beaches on which to relax. But as Darwin is croc territory, it is always wise to check with the authorities before you venture into the water.

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