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The most populated island of Micronesia, the island of Guam is as cosmopolitan as you'll find in this part of the world. This is unincorporated United States of America territory and you'll hear American accents, see American stores, and even see US flags. The local Chamorro language isn't used as much as it once was as American influence continues to take over. And, if you don't leave Tumon Bay, which is Guam's snazzy duty free shopping and big hotel center, you probably won't be very impressed with this seemingly Americanized island.

The island is, however, trying to reinvent itself. Rather than being what it has come close to being for years now — a Pacific Island Disney World — tourism authorities are hoping that Chamorro culture has a revival and its delicious island cuisine and traditional island life can once again be showcased for its uniqueness.

You can help in this endeavor by immediately leaving Tumon. Guam, even though it's Micronesia's largest, is tiny enough to see in just a few days. The south is by far the most fascinating, full of traditional grass hut villages, friendly villagers, waterfalls, jungle, and remote white sand beaches. Make sure you chat and get to know the villagers who know how important it is to maintain their culture and would undoubtedly love to get to know some tourists who are interested in more than just duty free shopping and big hotels. The north of Guam is unfortunately mostly utilized by the US's military base, Anderson Base, although the north also contains a gorgeous coast full of palm and coconut trees, and powdery sand beaches at Ritidian Point.

Some other highlights of Guam are Chamorro Village Night Market where you can eat freshly caught fish simmering in coconut milk and mangoes; Talofofo Falls where you can swim at the bottom of this two tier waterfall, one of the most photographed in the South Pacific; "War in the Pacific National Historical Park" where you can see exhibits of Guam's Second World War occupation by the Japanese; the south coast of Guam, which is rural and remote and much slower in pace than the north.

Guam is very warm and humid for most of the year. The dry season is January to late April and has the nicest weather since it’s a little less humid. Strangely, Guam is in what's known as Typhoon Alley, where typhoons supposedly hit the island once every eight years. The last typhoon was in 2002 where wind speeds reached 180 kilometers an hour and over one thousand homes were destroyed.

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