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Previously called the Gilbert Islands, Kiribati is located along the Pacific Ocean and lies just in the middle of Fiji and Hawaii. Kiribati has four major islands, namely Banaba, Gilbert, Phoenix, and Line islands.

Tourists will surely be mesmerized by Kiribati’s peaceful setting the first time they set foot on the island. The island boasts of untouched and unspoiled nature, from the mesmerizing blue lagoons and white sandy beaches to its reef rocks and phosphate rock islands that include the Banaba Island. For tourists looking for a peaceful and serene yet fun-filled vacation, Kiribati Island is the best place to be.  The major activities on the island include diving, fishing, whale watching, and bird watching.

Kiritimati, also called the Christmas Island, is one of the top destinations in Kiribati and is the largest coral atoll on earth. This beautiful island lies along the Line Island and is a perfect destination for those who are into fishing. The island’s crystal clear blue water is home to a huge variety of fish species that include blue fin, bonefish, and golden and giant Trevally. More than fishing, tourists also have the option to do snorkeling, lagoon sightseeing, bird watching, and even learning the culture with the help of friendly and accommodating locals.

Tarawa, which is where Kiribati’s capital is located, guarantees tourists wonderful sightseeing experience. The island is where the Battle of Tarawa during the World War II occurred; making the island a historical spot, where a good number of museums and churches, as well as natural parks and resorts, stand. These include the Biketawa Picnic and Camping Islet, perfect destination for picnics and swimming; the Taiwan Park and Dai-Nippon Causeway, perfect for sightseeing; and the Ambo Lagoon Club, the best place for swimming.

Abaiang is another exciting destination on the island and is home to two of the most famous and top-ranked hotels in Kiribati, the Teirio Beach Resort and Ouba Islet Resort. Abaiang is best known for having sparkling blue lagoon and pristine white sandy beaches, making it one of the marvelous laidback destinations in Kiribati. It is also home to various cultural and historical landmarks that include shrines and the oldest church in Kiribati.

Flora and fauna are also aplenty in Kiribati. The island is lined with coconut palms and is surrounded by different flora species such as pandanus, breadfruit, pawpaw, and other coastal plants. There are also different species of birds, from tropicbirds and shearwater to noddies and warblers, making the island perfect for bird watching. Meanwhile, aquatic life includes eagle rays, dragon moray, manta rays, spinner dolphins, turtles, and corals.

Temperature in Kiribati Island varies a lot; although the average daily temperature is recorded at 28 degrees Celsius. The island is prone to rain and strong winds particularly between the months of December and March. Most of the time, cool breeze from the easterly quarter is experienced. For such reasons, heavy clothing is recommended when touring Kiribati.

Kiribati is an isolated island so the best way to get to it is to travel by air, either through Air Pacific, Our Airline, Air Kiribati Services, and Air Pacific.

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