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Papua New Guinea Travel Guide


It is no wonder why Papua New Guinea, the world's second largest country located north of Australia, is one of the top destinations of adventure seekers. The country is endowed with some of the world's best beaches, exotic flora and fauna, majestic landscapes and a rich culture. All these and many more make up the country's beauty, which has fascinated people from different cultures through the years.

Papua New Guinea is known as the "Land of Adventure" mainly because it offers a huge selection of places that are paradise to adventure-seekers. These include pristine beaches, breathtaking landscapes, and some of the world's best dive sites. One of the biggest attractions of the country is its stunning wildlife and unique ecosystems where travelers can encounter a huge variety of animal species, including the spectacular birds of paradise. Since most part of the country is pristine and unexplored, Papua New Guinea indeed offers a huge selection of venues for adventure-seekers to explore. These include Southern, Western and Eastern Highlands, Enga and Simbu provinces. Aside from the unbelievable list of fauna and flora that tourists get to see in the provinces, this nation also offers unparalleled views that tourists may not enjoy anywhere else in the world.

Home to some of the richest seas in the world, Papua New Guinea also offers destinations for divers or anyone who appreciate marine life. Most of the dive sites in the country possess twice the amount of fish species seen in the Red Sea and approximately ten times as many coral species as compared to that of the Caribbean. One of the most popular diving destinations in the country is the Kimbe Bay in West New Britain, which is home to delicate coral formations, and the prolific marine life. The best thing about these dive sites is that they are located close to the shore. Only a couple of meters away from the beaches, divers can delight themselves in the sight of sweeping vertical reef walls where different marine species thrive.  The walls reach down to 1000 ft or more. The Witu Islands, an island group located about 60km northwest of Kimbe Bay, also offers a wide range of spectacular dive sites that offer sightings of fish like trevally, sharks, large dogtooth tuna, and Spanish mackerel.

Tourists will also find that Papua New Guinea is more than just a place for adventure. It is a fascinating country that offers tourists ample opportunities for exploring its vibrant and unique tribal cultures.

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