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Samoa, an island nation located in the South Pacific and the Polynesia region, is a dream destination for nature lovers. Every inch of it is literally sprawled with natural beauty that tourists should not miss. The island offers something for everyone, whether tourists are in for a quiet escapade or exciting outdoor adventure. Although small, with only about 185,000 people, visitors from nearly all parts of the world flock to this island to experience what it has to offer.

The region of Upolu offers several and hilly sections that make it one of the most visited regions in this island nation. Aside from Upolu, Savaii is another popular destination in Samoa with natural parks rich in lush vegetation, lakes, and preserved rainforest for those who want to go on a canopy walk. There are also camping sites wherein tourists can stay overnight. But those who would like to take their outdoor adventure to the next level, there are also interesting caves on the island. They can enjoy a quiet walk in the lovely lagoon where they can experience the island’s rich marine life first hand. Its seas are some of the world’s richest, making Samoa a famous destination for divers and photographers from all parts of the world.

The island is also home to spectacular waterfalls and is a great choice for those who want to dip or enjoy swimming in the cool waters of the Pacific Ocean. The regions of Savaii and Upolu offer spectacular waterfalls, of which the most popular is the Sliding Rocks. Tourists come here to experience the thrill ride of sliding down the vegetation until they hit the pool below.

But if there is a single reason to come to Samoa, then it would have to be the island’s beautiful and pristine beaches. The island’s beaches are among the best in the world, attracting tourists even from as far as Europe and U.S. Tourists can simply bask in the sun at unspoiled and pristine beaches, or enjoy the sights and world-class customer service at luxury resorts. Either way, they are sure to enjoy the distinctive and languid Samoan life and hospitable community.

The island of Samoa offers a tropical climate with an annual average temperature of 26.5 degree Celsius and this year-round climate makes the island an ideal tourist destination at any time of the year. Whether one is looking for a quiet tropical destination, or simply wants to be awed by the spectacular and well preserved natural beauty of the island, then Samoa is definitely one of the destinations that should be considered.

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