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An archipelago in the south Pacific, Solomon Islands has never ceased to attract tourists with its pristine natural resources, mystical culture, and rich history. Composed of about 1,000 mountainous islands, it is dream come true for those who love to bask on golden beaches, go underwater and marvel at the fantastic world of marine creatures, and feel the serenity of just being in touch with nature. Its main islands include Choiseul, Guadalcanal, Isabel, Malaita, New Georgia, and San Cristobal.

Before you embark on a trip to the deepest recesses of the islands, get a taste of the life of Solomon Islanders in the city first. Honiara, the capital of Solomon Islands, is found on Guadalcanal, the largest island in the Solomons. The Honiara market is a great place to buy fresh fruits and vegetables and fish. And, do not forget to drop by at one or two of the many souvenir shops in the city. The city also witnessed fierce battles during World War II. You can immerse into its rich history by visiting the World War II monuments and battle relics found in the city.

While it is a city of business and battles, it is also a city of botanical gardens that showcase the islands’ floral plethora. From the busy city of Honiara on Guadalcanal, go to the Western Province on Ghizo Island, where you can marvel at nature’s works of art. Put on your snorkelling or scuba diving gear and enjoy the serenity that the underwater world brings. Gizo, the capital of the Western Province, is your hero if you want to explore the picturesque small atolls of the Western Province.

Savo is yet another island in the Solomons that you should not miss out on. Being a volcanic island, it is home to a number of hot springs. Go to the most easily accessible Reoka hot springs, and relieve your body of stress caused by the city. At night, the stars are not the only ones to gaze at. Witness the hundreds of female birds come to the megapode field and dig down about 90 centimeters to incubate their eggs.

While contemplating on the beauty of the Solomon Islands, share a drink or stories with the friendly Islanders. It is not only the beaches and the history that makes the islands worth the visit but also the smiles of the Islanders, who has not lost their culture to the influence of outsiders.

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