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Located in the southeastern Pacific, Tahiti lies in splendor not far from the artificial glitz of Hollywood. It’s just about an 8-hour flight from Los Angeles, and 12 from New York. Tahiti is endowed with a range of natural, historical and manmade attractions, making it an ideal holiday destination.

With a lot of natural wonders like pristine beaches, it is a perfect place for those who are looking to experience nature at its best. Composed of two volcanic mountain ranges surrounded by black sandy beach, a lot of couples have also tied the knot in the backdrop of Tahiti’s scenery. Many people have taken advantage of the island’s terrain, through hiking trips and safari adventures.

Those who want to learn more about Tahiti’s rich history or who are into relics and historic sites, they can visit the Tomb of King Pomare the Fifth, Tahiti’s first and last king. The Museum of Paul Gauguin, who has been a deep admirer of the place, is also open to the public. Tourists who are into manmade attractions, they can proceed to the botanical garden located next to the Tomb of King Pomare the Fifth. This botanical garden features tropical flowers, including the Tahitians’ favorite flower Hibiscus.

Of all the attractions of Tahiti, what’s considered the primary attraction is submerged in its clear turquoise waters. Tahiti has also one of the world’s best underwater world featuring rich corals and marine life. In addition to diving, tourists can also do many other water activities in the island. These include snorkeling, surfing, sea fishing, kite surfing, and many more.

Growing in popularity over the years, the island has become more commercialized. This is why folks who enjoy an afternoon of golf can indulge in a 9-hole game in the Olivier-Breaud Golf Course. The island also has a chain of luxury hotels alongside more bungalow-type accommodations.

For an added treat, there are rooms set up like a fishing village where there’s a transparent glass to look at the fish underneath. But not all accommodations are easily accessible from the city. Some might require guests to shell out more than they have to when going downtown. Yet this distance will assure tourists of a tranquil sleep as Papeete can get very rowdy at night.

A trip to the local market is a must. Here, virtually anything can be bought, from vanilla beans to earrings made out of shells. Tourists can get here by riding the open-air "Le Truck," which not only brings passengers to the city center, but also to other remote places within the island. Bicycles are also available for rent, so guests can take it slow and get to explore the place at their own pace. Tahiti’s laid back atmosphere, friendly locals, and phenomenal sights cannot help but urge guests to take it easy and just enjoy the scenery.

Tourists can reach Tahiti by taking a plane bound to the Faa'a International Airport, which is located in the capital city of Papeete. In addition to taking flights to Tahiti, another way to get there is to take Tahiti cruise packages, which begins in LA. Although there would be several in-between stops before finally getting to the island, tourists will get a chance to view other equally noteworthy places, like Hawaii.

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