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Tonga is an archipelago, also known as the Friendly Islands, situated in the South Pacific Ocean. The archipelago offers a lot of scenic places and interesting travel destinations perfect for travelers who are looking for a remarkable travel experience. The Friendly Islands is split into four major parts: the Ha'apai Group, the Vava'u Group, the Tongatapu Group, and the volcanic Niuas. Each of these islands has unique tourist spots, with a great variety of hotels and resorts that are always ready to serve visitors.

In the southern part of the islands, wherein the Tongatapu Group can be found, the Royal Palace compliments the highlights of beautiful scenery. At the center of the archipelago, the Ha'apai Group displays immense coral reefs within the islands. Furthermore, the Vava'u Group shares its vast harbour, while in the north, Niuas' volcanoes will captivate each visitor's heart by its wonderful phenomena.

Tonga literally means south. The weather on these islands is less humid and refreshingly cooler compared to those islands nearer to the equator. Between the months of November and April, the Friendly Islands only experiences a couple of hurricanes every year, though sometimes it may also happen during May. Tonga is located on the Pacific Ring of Fire, extending from New Zealand up to Samoa, then runs from Vanuatu to Solomons. All in all, the archipelago has 170 islands, 42 of which are inhabited. The island uses a slogan “where time begins” due to its position at the western side of the international dateline.

The archipelago is a perfect getaway for travelers are seeking a remarkable Pacific experience. Tourists will definitely enjoy relaxing on its wonderful white sand beaches, or scuba diving while exploring and discovering magnificent coral reefs. If they are lucky enough, they may get a glimpse of the whales of Tonga. During June or July, there are lots of humpback whales that come to the seas of the islands after they had fed themselves in Antarctica. The whales spend the winter in the Friendly Islands to mate and bear their young before they migrate to the south again during October to November.

In order to get through the islands, tourists usually have to take the planes or ride the boats. They may also enjoy travelling by motorbikes, scooters or taxis which can be rented on Ha'apai, Vava'u, and Tongatapu. To have an unforgettable travel experience in Tonga, tourists should also not miss Mala'ekula and the Nahulu Cave.

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